News Oct 25, 2017 at 4:00 am

As Ted Wheeler’s Frets About Spending, He’s Mulling Nearly $450,000 in New Cleanup Costs


Portland: FKA the City of Roses. Now the USA's full-service Homeless Hotel.
WTF, NO. Stop using our tax payer money to encourage people to tent here permanently and not get jobs, not stop using drugs, or to try to get off the street! Now we have MORE homeless vagrants moving here from OTHER STATES! We need a rent cap to protect further OREGONIANS from losing their homes and apartments from increases, but you city council people refuse to do something constructive to help protect people from predatory rent companies and being bought out by trust fund Californian vultures. STOP MAKING THIS A HOMELESS HOTEL where people who have lived here and own houses have to put up with homeless people pissing on their sidewalks, buying/selling drugs, stealing from their property, or harassing their kids because sexual predators who are homeless DON'T have to register their address. DISGUSTING!
Does that include folding? If yes, I am seriously tempted to make a change in lifestyle.
I thought the goal was to reduce the homeless population. Why are we doing things that will increase it?

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