News Oct 25, 2017 at 4:00 am

They’re Also Continuing Constitution-Violating Arrests


Good thing these so called "emigrants" automaticallie lose theyre humanity and rights when they cross the boarder! As a Christian and Patriot i will not have my governmant helping those in "need" just because we destabilized theyre so called "countries" so called "govermants" way back when. It aint my fault they wernt born white and American! If tthey want the consitution to apply to them, they shoulda buoght guns! You know what Jesus would do? TURN THE OTHER CHeEK TO EM AND SEND EM HOME!!!!! Thoughts and prayers for are men and women in unifrom fighting the invasion. Thank u ICE!

I wrote this as a sarcastic remark to point out hypocrisy... while rereading it for accuracy it came to me that there are quite a few people in our country, including some in positions of power, who would probably agree with this in its entirety. What the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK.
For the first comment writer!
1; Just one national can call own self Americans, the Indian people!!!!
2; All white race come from Europe!!!!
Nobody called here, the white people!!! Just coming, and take over the land, and killed the really American race!!! Now, why you think, you have all right to be here???
3; The white immigr
ations bringing here the black people. They don't wanted coming here!
Now you hate , and discriminate them!!!
This your small mind race!!!
Expires hate!!!!
Yours Supreme Commander Trump!!!
You want command the wolrd, but yours own country have a biggest chaos!

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