Good morning, Portland. Links.

Like to be terrified? Read our true stories of dental-related horror. It's the feature in this week's paper and you should also pick up a copy.

Clara Joyce

ICE agents in the Portland area are starting to text immigrant targets, we reported yesterday:

It’s common, obviously, for ICE to go after undocumented immigrants. Stories of the agency’s heightened, sometimes cruel efforts to round up deportees have made national news on a near-daily basis since Donald Trump was sworn in as president in January—including a number of high-profile local incidents.
What’s unusual, in the Portland area at least, is ICE agents sending text messages to their targets in order to trick them into turning themselves in.

"If internal plans come to life, the City of Portland could supply mobile restrooms and laundry service for its growing homeless population in coming months," the Mercury reported yesterday. "In total, these efforts could amount to nearly $450,000 more than what’s currently budgeted to battle Portland’s homelessness crisis—a notable allotment given Mayor Ted Wheeler’s heartburn about ever-greater sums of the city’s general fund being spent to fight the problem."

Portland's HR director is announced she's resigning after many years at the city.

The cops shot a bank robbery suspect yesterday.

Drama for recyclers in Portland. "There are gobs of money to be made from selling and reusing all that paper, plastic and other recyclables that Portlanders stow in roll carts each week and haul out to the curbside," the Portland Tribune reports. "But with China cracking down on what recyclables it's willing to buy, turmoil has gripped the recycling sector in Portland and across the globe. The crisis potentially affects everything from Port of Portland shipments to Nike shoeboxes to packaging for Chinese-made goods sold by Walmart."

In the Oregonian: "A former employee of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon has filed an $845,000 lawsuit against the diocese and Bishop Michael Hanley, claiming the bishop physically assaulted a female priest and misused money donated by the deceased grandmother of Mayor Ted Wheeler."

When "our great heritage" only means white slave owners.

I feel much safer now, thank you.

Yeah, some Amazon news.