Patriot Prayers Joey Gibson at one his dumb Portland rallies in August
Patriot Prayer's Joey Gibson at one his dumb Portland rallies in August Doug Brown

Hillary Clinton is promoting her new book at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall tonight, and a group of far right wing clowns from Southwest Washington and the suburbs are planning to gather outside the downtown venue to troll Portland liberals yet again.

Joey Gibson and supporters of his Vancouver-based Patriot Prayer—just three days after their last dumb rally in which goon Tusitala "Tiny" Toese, yet again, got arrested for assaulting a left wing protester—are rallying outside the Schnitz at about 6:30, ahead of the 7:30 Clinton talk. Prepare for MAGA flags, dumb memes, bigoted street preachers, white nationalists, barely coherent WWE-style rants about "antifa," military LARPers, open racism justified as "free speech," and probably a punch or two.

"Bring your signs and we will bring the cameras," states the Patriot Prayer Facebook event page, which otherwise attempts to sardonically court Bernie Sanders into joining their anti-Clinton protest. "A core group of us will be there even earlier to talk with people in line."

Left wing group Direct Action Alliance is organizing a counter protest:

Portland , Oregon – December 11, 2017 – Direct Action Alliance (DAA) will confront Patriot Prayer at a Hillary Clinton event this Tuesday.

"This isn't about Hillary or Bernie, this is about confronting people who are a danger to our neighbors" says Jacob Bureros of Direct Action Alliance, "We don't really care why they are in town, they are platforming for nazis and white suprematists who harass, threaten, and even attack members of our community, as we saw last Saturday".

Patriot Prayer has planned an event to coincide with Hillary Clinton's visit to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall this Tuesday.

"They think they have a free pass to platform for nazis because it's a Hillary event they are protesting" says Bureros, "They can use all the divisive rhetoric and tactics they like, when it comes to nazis, Portland stands undivided. No nazis in our streets".

Direct Action Alliance organized the first rallies against Patriot Prayer in Lake Oswego, Vancouver, and Salem; this is Direct Action Alliance's first event since the shutdown of the Avenue of Roses Parade and Montavilla.