Jason C. Huffman
Jason C. Huffman

A white man is accused of yelling a racial slur at a security guard in downtown Portland before spitting on the security guard's boots and issuing a "Nazi hand sign" at him.

Jason Huffman, 46, was arrested by Portland police officers last Wednesday and was charged with harassment and intimidation in the second degree, a charge that alleges Huffman committed the crime because of the victim's race (the security guard's race isn't mentioned in court records).

The alleged victim is a Clean & Safe security guard who was working at a building on Burnside, the affidavit for Huffman's arrest states.

The security guard told the cops "he knows Jason Huffman from the past several weeks and that Mr. Huffman would politely greet him each day," the affidavit says. "He said this day, Mr. Huffman appeared different and tried to enter the cafeteria" where the alleged victim works, and called the security guard a "n*****" and spat on his boots. "He said Mr. Huffman also directed a 'Nazi' hand sign at him."

Cops soon arrested Huffman a few blocks away. He was booked and released that day. It's unclear when he's due back in court.