Jefferson Davis Park on August 17, 2017
Jefferson Davis Park on August 17, 2017

For totally weird and mysterious reasons, someone (or some group) keeps vandalizing a confederate monument erected in Ridgefield, Washington, just north of Vancouver. And according to the Columbian, this time around vandals/patriots cut down at least three Confederate flags from their poles.

For the third time since August, vandals have struck Jefferson Davis Park, which sits on private property outside of Ridgefield.

This most recent defacing of the monument to the Confederacy took place in mid-January, when someone broke open security locks on flagpoles at the site and then cut down the flags, according to Garth McKinney, first lieutenant commander of the Pacific Northwest Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which maintains the site.

While no one has so far claimed responsibility for cutting down the flags, which are easily visible from I-5, it could be Portland Antifa activists—who told the Mercury last August they covered two of the site's monuments to Jefferson Davis in tar and paint in response to a racist white terrorist running down Heather Heyer at last year's Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville—or perhaps it could be anyone who agrees that it's wrong to celebrate clearly racist institutions (even those championed by people who give themselves imaginary military ranks like "first lieutenant commander").

For his part, McKinney is unsurprisingly refusing to read the room in regards to these monuments to racism, promising to beef up security at the site, and is planning even more memorials around Washington state. Again from the Columbian:

“These instances of vandalism have inspired us to seek locations for additional poles and flags to bring awareness to our country’s history for future generations to understand and educate themselves about,” he said.

Wonder if he realizes how much money it takes to keep restocking vandalized monuments to hate? (Also, good luck finding stores that accept Confederate currency.)