Getty Images / nycshooter

Uber has always been terrible, but with a new CEO in place, the company has decided to hop on the Zuckerberg train of apologizing to politicians.

Uber's Northwest general manager Alejandro Chouza penned an apology letter to members of Portland City Council today to "acknowledge certain missteps by Uber in Portland since we began operating there in December of 2014," though the letter does not outline what those missteps are.

So I will!

Uber's first step into the city in 2014 was unregulated and un-permitted, prompting ire from city hall. Uber only backed down from that move after the city threatened to sue. Locally, it's known for abusive workplace practices, unequal treatment of the disabled, and scabbing—during a protest against Trump's Muslim ban, no less.

But is the apology genuine? "At times, we conducted operations in a way that failed to live up to the Portland way of collaboration and transparency. For that we apologize," Chouza writes. Meanwhile, Uber is facing intense scrutiny and opposition from city hall, with Commissioner Nick Fish threatening a “one strike and you’re out” policy that could lead to revocation of Uber’s permit. The full apology can be read here.