Didn't we throw these clowns a bone with Richardson? That was the deal, right: You get the secretary of state, we get to not have your bullshit referendum items each year? Seriously, every item you nudnicks come up with is a variation on "derp, don't wanna pay mah taxes, derp."


@Doug Fer Well that is a very narrow minded view of our conservative neighbors! I can assure you they don't ONLY care about their taxes! They're also quite fond of harassing brown and black people.


Well, this will be an interesting general election this November! And, of course, more rubish dolt construction workers vs. deluded antifa choadlings action on the streets will ensue as a result — the new American social discourse, looking very much like the religious wars that racked Europe until the 20th century. I've gone from economically homeless to politically homeless.

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