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Oregon's the only state without laws restricting abortion. Will a reinvigorated anti-abortion fight change that?



"How Oregon’s Radical Reproductive Health Laws Ignited an Anti-Abortion Campaign"

This headline is a very disappointing bit of victim-blaming.

Oregon's effort to make meaningful reproductive choice available to all, regardless of economic status, is not the REASON why religious zealots are attacking the right to choose.

They're driven by an insatiable drive to rack up more heaven-points than the person in the next pew. They're unreasonable. They're bigoted and judgmental. And they don't care about wrecking the lives of young women and forcing low-income people to have children they can't care for just to impose their twisted morals on the rest of us. Because "Jesus."

That's the reason. (I know: it's a very sucky reason.)

The Oregon way is to find smart, workable solutions to real peoples' problems. In this case, unwanted pregnancies.

Suggesting that we shouldn't do that because we might rile up the crazies is just wrong.


Wow. Total ignorance. Totally leaving out the basic science fact that human life begins @ conception. The heart is beating by about 18 days. So the woman has participated in creating a new living human being! This is basic science.
So abortion kills a living human being. Many women also suffer adverse effects. Many are injured & there have been deaths w “pro-choice” advocates doing nothing ever to put the really dangerous clinics even for the mother, out of business.

Pregnancy Resource Centers offer other REAL CHOICES to those w unplanned pregnancies.

& is this supposed to be news? Reads like an editorial. Including lies about the disclosure laws in other places. They offer INFORMED consent so the woman actually knows the state of development of her living unborn baby that is already present—not a potential life but already a living, growing, developing human being. As we all once were!

But this proposal only stops forcing taxpayers to pay for killing babies. That has majority support across the country, even among those who identify as pro-choice. Many in OR don’t even know that they are paying for abortions through their tax dollars! So Oregon’s laws are what is radical.

Plus those who really favor a woman having a right to choose should be in favor of her being fully informed about her available choices! So she can make INFORMED decisions. More information is good. Science based FACTS.

& there is a Secular Pro-life Group. & there are pro-life liberals.

Also over 60% of post abortive women said they felt pressured to abort!

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