Oh hey, I know that garage! Glad to know that I, a local photographer, am told to GTFO when i'm taking pictures of the skyline and people with loaded guns hanging out are A-okay!


Alex Zielinski, you've been doing such a stellar job of covering all sorts of critical stories. Was concerned when Dirk V left what the impact would be at the Mercury... they are damn lucky to have you on staff (we all are)


If they had loaded weapons and were planning on "needing" to possibly shoot civilians, they should be indicted on conspiracy charges and their emails, phone records, texts, and other communications searched. Nobody brings rifles to what is effectively a sniper perch without planning and being prepared for actually shooting someone. This is lawless bullshit, and the police and prosecuting attorneys need to take this much more seriously.


I don't want my children going downtown anymore, not for school, not for work, not for pleasure, not to be targets. Police have shot plenty of innocent tourists & innocent bystanders with advanced weaponry during these protests, and now I have to worry that police allow out-of-state hate group snipers on our rooftops to go free and keep their long guns & ammunition despite self-admittedly bringing them to use on humans. #SuburbanGameHunters
Maybe we shouldn't hire so many cops who live in WA state instead of PDX.
10 weeks for the incident to be reported to Police Chief & Commissioner? Who runs PPB?
We're members of the JTTF. Will the Feds investigate?
And what happened to Wheeler's campaign promise to clean up PPB after Hales gave KKKruger an expunged record & civic award I hear he thrives under Wheeler as well.


Relax-they both need to chill, but guns on a rooftop raise the stakes to terrorist levels.


I hear you, Relax. I still get nightmares about the time that guy murdered 16 people with bear spray, and when that whole theatre full of people was killed by the dude in a mask with an illegal folding baton.


Relax - obviously a large difference in potential lethality between the things you describe and long guns. Not at all the same thing. Which one would you rather take your chances against?


Three citizens engaged in lawful activity were in a place they are allowed to be and in possession of property they are legally entitled to possess. But let's arrest them because we don't like their politics.

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