Will Portland’s New Unarmed Officers Fix Police Bureau Woes?



Stuff like this should be allocated on what type and what frequency of calls they receive, data that should be easily available if entered into the dispatch system. If 911 is getting a high percentage of calls for incidents that don't require an armed officer to respond, then up the quota of non-armed employees who can go investigate, take a report, etc. The major concern in terms of response time is for those calls where an immediate response can mean the difference between life or death, or responding with enough immediacy to have a chance at catching a violent, armed, or otherwise dangerous suspect.


Everyone at the council meeting complained about it. That means it’s the correct thing to do. But tan khakis? Pleeeeese!


Entry level pay for the unarmed officer is slated to be $49,800.

Entry level pay for an armed officer is $64,400.

In theory, these unarmed officers will not be put in harms way, considering they will only be armed with pepper spray.

Thus, are we saying a cops life, because they get dispatched to dangerous situations regularly, is worth a mere $15,000 a year difference than someone who doesn’t ever have to worry about their safety? We’re taking about a $7 an hour difference.

This new position sounds like: let the unarmed officers handle all the administrative duties, let the armed police handle the dangerous volatile situations.

Is $15,000 worth the stress and strain that daily cope life brings?


*Cop not cope