Ted Wheeler, fascist-collaborating officer Niiya, and known Nazi cop Mark Kruger must go. This city cannot abide the active coordination between police violent and out-of-state fascist/ nationalist organizations, and the people at he top that facilitate them, even while those hate groups issue broad death threats and direct threats of terrorism with near constant vitriol.

All of these people need to be cleaned out of city government with all due speed; our city's safety and future depends on it.


Outstanding work by Lt Niiya. He's done some graduate level work in preventing violence and engaging with radicalized individuals. Remember; if you want to effect change you start by establishing and maintaining communications. Something the Auntie Fay crowd don't seem to understand as breaking stuff and threatening people is more fun than actual work.


Portland is scary. What the mayor is doing is intimidating the police from protecting right wing groups. Someone should file a civil rights lawsuit. The problem though is investigations aren't considered harassment even though they really are. They'll find t's not crossed and i's not dotted on some issue and fire the individual.


THIS JUST IN: Based on this comment thread, right-wing idiots outnumber left-wing idiots two-to-one! iPhone video at 11...


Within the context of the tacit role of the police to support the wealthy and powerful, and the status quo, rather than actual justice, most cops are still decent people trying to do a good job. But it's abundantly clear that there are a significant number of law-breaking knuckleheads among them. The good ones need to rein in or get rid of the bad ones, or people they don't want messing in their business will.


Any bets that this "keeper of the peace," Lt. Jeff Niiya , also lives in Vancouver and pals around with that Erin Willey twat?

Also, I would think that there has to be some type of sworn oath violation around interstate/outside of jurisdiction coordination and/or conspiracy against the public or something along that line? He was literally helping an out of state group of thugs come to town and create an environment of hate. This is beyond shameful and an independent investigation is well warranted. PPD can not be trusted to investigate themselves.


I vote that we all sit down together, smoke some pot and listen to some music in a loving environment, and not talk politics the whole time.


I'll bring the kind veggie burritos, @8!


Lt. Niiya also communicated with a left-wing activist. I've read through all the texts from Niiya to Joey Gibson and the left-wing activist and I'm not too sure what the big deal is?

Can anyone tell me what the hubbub is all about? I mean, it can't simply be that this police officer was communicating with a right-winger as opposed to a left-winger... can it?

I'm no fan of Joey Gibson (I think he's an idiot), but it seems to me that all this hoopla is because Niiya was communicating with a right-winger, even though he also communicated with a left-winger.

Niiya's text messaging with the left-wing activist:


@10 The hubbub is the left wants a political litmus test to be a city employee. See the statement by Commissioner Eudaly where she writes, "All members of our police bureau must follow our rules and uphold our progressive values."

What's next? Oaths to obey Commissioners? Her demand is best described as Trumpian.

For the record, the oath actually taken can be found here:

Note the lack of the words "progressive" and "values".

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