Once again, Eudaly is ill equipped professionally and emotionally in her role as a public official. She loves the fat cat gov paycheck, bennies, power, public platform to spew what she wants and affect the lives of citizens. Yet she doesn’t want to deal with being a public official which means the public has a legal right to freedom of speech against government, including government officials, which is exactly what the dweeb in that video she’s referring to was doing - following her as an elected official at a distance and asking her, as a public official, questions about the government, he didn’t threaten her. That’s protected by the US Constitution. Eudaly wants this to be a 9-5 job and she wants to be a private citizen. She should certainly not run for re-election in 2020.


Gloucester's and Atty503's comments are very persuasive --though probably not in the way they intended. The Council obviously needed to take these steps.


This applies to the PTU activists who showed up to Wheeler's house to harass his family, right?

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