The chief of staff for commissioner Fritz who is quoted saying Hardesty should come to the entire counsel before announcing policies that already have passing support should instead be encouraging the counsel to come to her if they want to be included. A change-makers time is precious indeed, congratulations to Counsel-member Hardesty for getting things done!


I have personally had many interactions with commissioner Hardesty: She is a rude person who treats everyday working people poorly. She came into our restaurant innumerable times, and each time treated the staff poorly, tipped poorly, and became quite intoxicated on lemondrops. If she is a representative of the people, that is a real shame. Just to follow that up; I have served the previous three Mayors, Last two Governors, and all recent and current commissioners, and with the exception of Hayes's wife, all were a delight. She is the stand-alone exception of elected officials. If she runs for Mayor I will be a vocal opponent, as I should more have been when she ran for City Counsel.


"'This council is made up of five strong, smart people with shared core values,' the staffer says."

Who is the fifth smart person after Wheeler, Fish, Hardesty, and Fritz?

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