A Patriot Prayer member at an August 2018 protest.
A Patriot Prayer member at an August 2018 protest. Kenton Waltz

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is offering up to $2,500 in cash to anyone with information about the violent clash between alt-right extremists and anti-fascist (antifa) activists Wednesday evening. The bureau has also asked for victims of the street battle to contact their office.

This fight, which according to PPB included up to 60 people, came at the end of a peaceful day of May Day protests organized by left-leaning groups. After the events wrapped, a number of demonstrators—including those affiliated with Portland's local antifa chapter—met at Cider Riot, a bar at NE 8th and NE Couch, to celebrate.

This information was clearly shared with Patriot Prayer, the Vancouver, Washington group of alt-right provocateurs, whose members were already in Portland to counter-protest May Day rallies.

According to videos taken by freelance journalist Mike Bivins, who followed Patriot Prayer throughout the day, the riled-up group of unwelcome Washingtonians showed up outside of Cider Riot around 7:30, yelling insults and hate at patrons sitting outside on the patio.

After a woman tells them to leave, one man wearing a red MAGA hat yells at the group to "Get that bitch on a leash." Then, one Patriot Prayer man sprays what appears to be mace at the people on the patio. A masked man, who appears associated with antifa, sprays mace back.

The group of Patriot Prayer-ers, including leader Joey Gibson, spreads out across the street, provoking several opponents to engage in a weirdly organized one-on-one fist fights (including a handshake at the end). According to Bivins' tweets, Portland police didn't show up until 8:30.

"As officers arrived, the two groups had separated," reads a PPB press release sent Wednesday evening. "Officers contacted both groups and no one self-identified as a victim or wanted to make a police report. This is an open investigation and follow-up is planned to identify if crimes were committed and if arrests are appropriate."

PPB said officers will review video and images of the brawl "in an attempt to identify people who were involved in criminal activity." If anyone sends the PPB photos or videos, the release adds, they could receive up to $2,500.

As of noon Thursday, PPB had still made no arrests and no victims of assault have contacted them.

In a second press alert, PPB adds: "The Police Bureau is asking persons who believe they were victims of crimes which require investigation to contact the non emergency number at (503) 823-3333 to report those crimes."

This is the second time this year Patriot Prayer has driven to Portland, sought out a location where left-wing groups are gathering, and spewed hate speech, childish taunts, and insults at them from the sidewalk. No Patriot Prayer members were arrested as a result of either encounter. Yet.