Andy Ngo, is a vitriolic far-right blogger (Yes Quillette is far right, look at their Twitter followers) who shares many of the same ideas as white supremacists based on his own writings. Writing about a Portland area bakery "serving muffins with a side of white guilt" and his other musings on "Bio-diversity" and claiming that Islamic communities are "anti-thetical" to American society, are straight from the white supremacists crap chute that has snaked it's disgusting way into normalized speech. It's completely possible for him to be Asian, gay, and still be a disgusting bigot. Not only white people are bigots (see diamond and silk). Playing earpiece to Andy's pathetic 150$ dollar GoFundMe and the ideas that he was attacked for being a "conservative" are what is getting bomb threats called into our local government. Nobody gave any "stand down orders". Andy, knowing full well what he was doing, waded into a crowd of people he has repeatedly to threatened, harassed, and played grab ass games with over the web. He did so, in full obvious danger to himself to create a narrative that ANTIFA attacks innocent people. What a fucking joke. Andy is not innocent. Words and beliefs are action incarcerated and he faced a generously light dose of what his actions deserve. He's the definition of crying wolf and his own writings and actions will prove that he is not the innocent victim he claims to be. Once again, in less than a month, Andy Ngos wolf calling and hoaxing of a hate crime (which despite being gay, he has accused with zero proof or evidence that local area attacks were faked) have created a reaction so fierce that death threats were involved.

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