"Chanticleer Holdings, Inc., Little Big Burger’s parent company, refused to voluntarily recognize the union, prompting the need for a vote among all Little Big Burger workers at Oregon's 12 locations."
Looks like Chanticleer was the one looking out for the interests of the rank and file by resisting LBU's desire to avoid a democratic vote. Good for them.


If the vote was 41-29, and twelve votes are in question, the whole outcome could be in question. So we don't know for absolutely sure if then no side won this.

And despite the outcome, the two spiteful, vindictive antiunion(and therefore antiworker, because worker always lose when a unionization effort is rejected) need to remember that there was a large quantity of workers who did vote to unionize, and did so in a climate when it is almost impossible for unionization efforts to prevail, what with workers being FORCED to watch every speech and video presentation management presents to get them to vote "no" and are threatened with job losses and other forms of retribution if the unionization effort succeeds, so its bullshit for the posters above to act like it was silly to even try to organize.

There was and is good reason to try and organize these workers, and nobody who isn't a fast food magnate has any real reason to oppose or sneer at effort to organize fast food workers.

And those who voted "no" did so largely out of fear of management retribution-nobody who works at a fast food place genuinely believes union representation would be a bad thing. Why the hell would they? If you have a fast food job, management treats you like shit. You have no chance-unless you live in one of the rare places with living wage laws-of earning enough to support yourself, and contrary to the "it's just high school kids, so why should they get decent pay and decent conditions" canard, more and more people have to work fast food jobs as a long-time occupation just to survive at some level.

It was right to try and the fight will go on. Workers have no rights and no dignity in the workplace when they don't have a union to stand with them and help them defend themselves against exploitation and abuse.


The real takeaway here is that, if management gets to control the terms of the vote, gets to threaten and intimidate workers, and gets to force the vote to extend to workplaces where the union hadn't BEEN organizing, it's probable that management will be able to rig the outcome. This was NOT the employees expressing their opposition to union representation-it was the employees being coerced into voting against their interests, and things like this have happened as long as the labor movement has existed.

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