Two men enjoy free soup during a lunchtime meetup in Sunnyside Park. Kathleen Marie / Mercury Staff



Leave the park as you found it and there wouldn't have been a problem.


"Equal access" is not equitable during a humanitarian crisis and offers little solution to help support a free service the fills a gap in the city's lack of resources for these same residents.


I've since seen these organizations setting up on the planting strip and in the road between their parked cars, next to the parks they're no longer allowed into. You just can't stop nice people from giving free food to the needy.


Well researched and articulated article laying out the force fields. It notes the social relationships homeless need to move on with their lives. More please from MercNews.


A 97 year old WW2 vet was arrested in Florida MANY times fighting the bull shit laws like this. As a vet of Desert Storm, I can do nothing less then put my life on the line for the right to assemble in public space and continue to DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION!!!


How exactly would this new rule be enforced? . No more Celebrations in the Parks? Barbecues?
Birthday Graduation wedding Anniversary Reunion Party’s ? Unless selectively enforced on food insecure people especially the houseless then this rule would apply to all. Then if it is selectively enforced that would be a cruel discrimination against people who are poor. This attempt to penalize people s right to assemble and to freely share resources is heartless. Why doesn’t the city actually help with this effort instead of trying to punish it and the people who volunteer to help and don’t use a dime of tax payer dollars?


“The city is signaling to the public that those who own a home are worth more than people without.”

Uh duh.

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