"...directing officers not to enforce low-level victimless crimes, or crimes of poverty.."
Crimes of poverty? Like theft? And do you really want police officers making those kinds of subjective decisions? "Before I arrest you for shoplifting Ill need to see your last five years of tax returns to determine if the laws against theft apply to you".
Here's a wild idea: how about one set of laws applied to everyone.


"Here's a wild idea: how about one set of laws applied to everyone."

I support this idea if white collar crime is equally enforced.


…and do we all get a pony, too? I want a pony.


Anyone running for mayor or council needs a fundamental understanding of transportation funding.
The I5 project, if built, would be funded by congestion tolls, by law dedicated to the project.
Other ODOT roads are funded by a different mechanism, including HB2017.


There is no way that they will charge a toll high enough to pay for the I5 project. Tolls may pay for a portion but they won't pay for all of it. I remember back when the CRC was being proposed someone figured out that the toll required to pay for it with just tolls was going to be like 30 dollars.


"To ensure that all officers are "invested in the community they are policing," Iannarone proposes instituting a residency requirement for all new officers no later than 2024." This is a very stupid requirement. As it is, PPB has trouble attracting applicants. Surrounding areas are far better places to be a cop. If she wanted to use a "carrot" like down payment assistance, fine. But Iannarone's shallow, knee jerk attitude attitude towards the police will only make morale and performance worse.


I love this woman. I need to donate and volunteer for her so much!

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