taxing every Mult Co citizen $5 a month would raise $4 million/month and $48 million/year. Think of it as a mandatory $5 monthly pass. It would eliminate fares, keep bus service high, and reduce the number of cars on the road. I'd pay $5 for all that.


Property taxes are too high already and the average Tri-met workers salary is much higher than they could ever get in the private sector. This has the potential to start small and then have costs run wild once they get their "foot in the door". I already pay for too many city services that I will never use, how about figuring out a way to reduce cost for once City of Portland?


This would literally cause the MAX to be mobile homeless shelters in the cold months. Ridership would plummet. A seriously bad idea.


okay, all you people complaining about homeless people on TriMet... how about a $5-10/month tax that would provide free housing for the homeless. Not a free place to sleep, but a free place to live, 24 hours a day. Would you pay $5-10/month for that? Or would you rather just complain about homeless people while doing nothing to help fix the problem?


No more new taxes! It’s not the landlords driving up your rent it’s all the new taxes and fees. If you want to ride TriMet that’s fine, pay your own fare. I use TriMet every week to get to work. Security is almost non existent. If TriMet is free it will be a mobile drug den and homeless camp ground.


5: that crowd won't accept any response to homelessness other than mass incarceration or one-way tickets out of town.

If people have an issue with the homeless riding the busses and MAX, then pony up and build them homes already. Punishment doesn't do anything to help. Housing, combined with neighborhood treatment centers for the homeless with mental health and substance abuse issues, does.

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