on the PBOT graphic, what is the blue square at the bottom of the new South area?


@esmo That's the EVEN NEWER "South South" Octant, to be known as "SS." If you can find it without inadvertently winding up in Tigard you win a prize!


WTF? Who voted for this BS? Nobody?


We've been calling it South Portland with air-quotes and rolling eyes for years. I'm thinking this is a way to market-boost this soul-less concrete jungle consisting entirely of high rise condos, hospitals, and hotels. It's like the wanton unchecked gentrification happening everywhere else, but distilled into one special little sliver so the rest of us have a target-dense object to raze when our landlords finally assume their final forms.


not-so-fun-fact: South Portland was a neighborhood about a hundred years ago, but was destroyed by "urban renewal" in the late 50s. It was Portland's version of "Little Italy" where many Italian (and also Jewish) people lived.


It's about time. A lot of software flakes on those zero-first addresses, nobody wants a firetruck to be unable to find them.

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