City of Portland

Today at 2 pm, Mayor Ted Wheeler is scheduled to participate in a press conference in which he will release a "list of reforms and actions" in regards to the Portland Police Bureau. This is a hotly anticipated topic as cities around the country are wrestling with if and how they should "defund" certain aspects of their police budgets, or in some cases, disbanding and rebuilding their police departments all together.

Our Alex Zielinski published a must-read article on the reforms that politicians, candidates, and other civil rights organizations are pushing for, which include defunding PPB specialty programs, investing in non-traditional public safety programs, banning chemical weapons and munitions against protesters, ending qualified immunity for cops, and making it easier to investigate and fire criminal officers.

So the question is: How many (if any) of these proposed reforms will Mayor Wheeler adopt? To find out, watch today's press conference here, which (allegedly) starts at 2 pm.