thank you for exposing this white nationalist terrorist asshole. calling her a karen totally makes sense, but it’s also important to remember she’s an actual fucking terrorist.


John Gorham's actions (which he does not take responsibility for) have consequences. I applaud the employees who quit. Just who does this guy think he is - taking out a $5K bounty on anyone, riling up a vigilante group, and doxxing someone (NOT the person responsible for the damage done to his property, FYI)?! Oh right, WHITE, MALE, PRIVILEGED, WEALTHY.

At the end of this article he has the nerve to whine about how he will end up bankrupt. DUDE YOU ATTEMPTED TO HARM SOMEONE, POSSIBLE GET THEM KILLED.
I have no sympathy for him. Must suck to be a white man, realizing the world is not yours anymore. FINALLY.

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