Au contraire, Billy Boy, Portland's refusal to accept fascist intimidation is an indication it's finding its soul again. Thank you for letting us know there's yet one more public official who's out of touch, and unfit for their job. You seem to have contracted the law-n-order virus going around. I hear it's lethal to justice and human rights.


‘Billy’ Williams is a useless F**ktard. He was in charge of letting the gun toting Bundy boys get off scot free after they held Fed property @ Malheur Wildlife Refuge hostage for 2 months.
But Moms, Vets, Teachers et al peacefully protesting require a massive illegal response by violent racist untrained Border Patrol ‘Officers’
‘Billy’ is not serving Oregonians, he is appointed not elected and needs to be removed ASAP.
Also what grown man goes by ‘Billy’?


If they renamed the virus 'graffitti', perhaps Trump would wake up and beat the curve down to a pulp in no time..


I hate Trump as much as anyone, but I also understand that, if people continue to try to burn, break, damage, whatever, federal buildings, the federal cops are going to stay. Why can nobody understand this?

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