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Dame Lillard leads the Blazers to a MAGNIFICENT game one win over the cursed Lakers.
Dame Lillard leads the Blazers to a MAGNIFICENT game one win over the cursed Lakers. trailblazers.com

• On the 83rd night of Portland protests against police brutality and systemic racism, the Multmomah County Building (the headquarters of county government and the sheriff's office) on SE Grand and Hawthorne was the stopping point for a crowd of 200 where a small number of protesters broke windows and set a fire inside, setting off alarms and the sprinkler system. Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury decried the violence saying the fire damaged the Office of Community Involvement which provides citizens the opportunity to get involved with the political process. There were two arrests.

• Meanwhile the city's Independent Police Review board are opening up 40 investigations into violence and misconduct committed by Portland Police during the past months of protests.

• The FBI has joined Portland Police in investigating a homemade bomb that was thrown at protesters at Laurelhurst Park on August 8. There is a person of interest—a former US Navy SEAL and CIA contractor—but police say they cannot pursue it further unless witnesses come forward.

• Exciting "bubble" sports news: Our beloved Blazers took down top-seeded blowhards, the LA Lakers, with a score of 100-93, led by the estimable Dame Lillard who drained 34 points. Game two of the best-of-seven series starts Thursday night at 6 pm on ESPN.

• Powell's on Burnside has announced they will do an "experimental" reopening of limited sections of their flagship store, starting this Friday.


• Last night's online Democratic National Convention featured a too-short speech (AKA warning to the Democrat old guard) from AOC, some unneeded words from Bill Clinton, a stirring video documenting the friendship between Biden and John McCain, and an unsurprisingly good musical performance from John Legend. Tonight the convention continues with Kamala Harris accepting the Vice Presidential nomination and super special guest star, Barack Obama.

• Oh, and another definite highlight from the DNC: A video roll call of all the states that was utterly charming.

• Even as the coronavirus rages, police shootings remain constant and people of color are disproportionately affected, according to a report from the ACLU.

• Students at UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina are PISSED after school officials brought everyone back to class, and then, due to a COVID scare, abruptly sent everyone home after only a week for online learning.

• Trump's corrupt Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was caught RED-HANDED trying to damage the postal service's ability to process America's mail-in votes this November, so now he's saying he's suspending all those disastrous actions until next year... BUT! BUT! BUT! He said nothing about fixing what he broke, and there's lots of reasons to suspect he's lying—which is why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ain't having any of it.

• Because he is an insecure, corrupt crybaby, Trump has called for a boycott of the Goodyear tire company for reportedly telling their employees not to wear MAGA and Blue Lives Matter attire.

• According to the World Health Organization, people “in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are increasingly driving” the spread of the coronavirus pandemic—primarily because they don't even know they're infected.

• In "FREE BRITNEY" news: Pop goddess Britney Spears is asking a judge to put a halt on her father's conservatorship, in which he's controlled her business dealings and major life decisions for the past 12 years.

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Illustration: Sloane Leong

• Now let's lift our eyes to the skies for the WEATHER: Temps continue to drop today with a very reasonable high of 83 and mostly sunny skies.

• And finally, more movie soundtracks added to random traffic accidents, please!