So wait... if I pardon this turkey, hell pardon me in return, right?
"So wait... if I pardon this turkey, he'll pardon me in return, right?" Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty

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• Today marked another record COVID day in Oregon, as the OHA reported that an additional 21 people have died from the virus—breaking the state's single-day record. Hospitalizations are also rising with 18 more than yesterday. SO ABOUT YOUR THANKSGIVING PLANS: It's not too late to save the vulnerable members of your family by promising to spend "Thanksgiving" time when it's safe to do so. In short: DON'T BE A TOOTIE.

• Progressive activists have created a Political Action Committee to recall Mayor Ted Wheeler and City Commissioner Dan Ryan—how come? “Wheeler ran a dirty campaign, violating multiple campaign-finance laws that nearly all of us voted for, and he still couldn't convince a majority of the city he should be mayor," said Athul Acharya, a local civil rights attorney. As for Ryan: “I voted for Dan Ryan because he led me to believe he was a staunch advocate for police reform,” said lawyer Alan Kessler. “After his refusal to vote for Commissioner Hardesty’s budget reduction amendment, I feel betrayed. I want my vote back. I want an apology.” Our Alex Zielinski has more.

• Speaking of police cuts, in Seattle, their city council snipped 20 percent from their cop budget, and left the door open to trim $5 million more. Nathalie Graham reports.


• Following on the heels of Michigan yesterday, Pennsylvania and Nevada have certified their presidential election results and... you guessed it... BIDEN WON, AND TRUMP LOST, LOST, LOST. (I will never get tired of saying that.)

• Embarrassingly, President LOSER tried to take credit for the Dow's historic leap of 30,000 points today, even though everyone knows it was tied to Biden taking over and his smart choice of nominee for the Federal Reserve.

• President LOSER headline of the day: "A lame-duck president takes part in his final turkey pardon."

• And the Trump embarrassments just keep piling up: Now he's taking advice from known crackpot/conspiracy theorist/middling actor Randy Quaid.

• Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. is filing complaints in five states in an attempt to get pants-tugging huckster Rudy Giuliani disbarred for his craven attempts to overturn the election in court.

• About 12 million Americans are going to lose their unemployment benefits on December 26, and there are no plans from the federal government to provide new aid for them. In fact, Congress is on Thanksgiving recess, where many of them will undoubtedly spend time with big groups of friends and family without wearing masks.

• Purdue Pharma has pleaded guilty to their role in pushing America's OxyContin epidemic, in which they provided illegal kickbacks to doctors and other health professionals to freely distribute the drug.

• Beyoncé has been CORRECTLY nominated for a whopping nine Grammys for her stellar work this year, along with Taylor Swift and (my current fave) Dua Lipa who both nabbed six nominations.

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• THE WEATHER REPORT: Expect stormy skies tomorrow with rain and hail and a high of 48!

• And finally, "This is the Portland Police. We have proclaimed this turkey trot as 'a riot.'"