GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. BYE.


The video is pretty damning, this seems like a case where only the most egregious activity is being dealt with in any way and it is still way too much oversight for the thugs on the PPB.


Fire them. If they can't tell bad behavior from good then they don't deserve to be supported by taxpayer money. Being a "highly decorated officer" does not excuse you from abusing your power to hurt the people you're supposed to be protecting.


“The Public Information Officer (PIO) serves as the Bureau’s spokesperson, thus is responsible for coordinating communications. The PIO must be aware of Bureau activities that fall under the realm of news and keep command staff abreast of press/media interests. As a result, any member providing information to the press/media shall notify the PIO, about the nature of the request and the information released by the end of their shift.”

Did officers violate PPB directives in leaking this information to KXL? Why were they chosen as a venue for distributing this information? Will these officers later refuse to discuss this issue because it’s a “personel matter”?


Just as the Military is not allowed to unionize, because of the militarization of law enforcement by equipping themselves with "surplus" military equipment, it's time to treat the Militarized Police equally with the Military they emulate.


Great idea! Now if the entire PPB resigned, we'd no longer have to pay out these huge settlements for their bad behavior.

It's not as if they're out there stopping crimes anyway.


This kind of mass resignation in a fit of pique is almost exactly what happened in Buffalo, NY one year ago after two of their "rapid response team" knocked a 75 year old man to the ground and cracked his skull, and two responsible were suspended pending investigation.


*"emergency response team," rather. Bflo's had different name but same role - riot cops, stormtrooper gear and brutal tactics.


Well this is odd. Prosecutor Schmidt (public approval rating >70%) has charged a police officer (public approval below 20%) with a violent crime and the PPB is not happy about it. Funny, they PPB had previously criticized prosecutor Schmidt for his failure to prosecute violent crime?

Ohhhhhh! They meant violent crime that did not involve themselves. Got it now.


So suddenly one of them is being held accountable, but really the resignations have nothing to do with that. I've got a bridge to sell you... Let's be real here. Suddenly all there asses are online for because they know what assholes they were and what they did. The only reason they are still cops and didn't resign entirely is the union will still protect them going forward. It's nothing more than cover your ass.

What I really want to know is when I'll be allowed to shoot cops first for self defense. Lets get honest if they stop me, my odds of surviving ain't good.

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