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Olympian Simone Biles joins the athletes who are putting their mental health first.
Olympian Simone Biles joins the athletes who are putting their mental health first. Jamie Squire / Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! 24-7, I will make you feel like heaven. I'll turn you upside down. I'll spin you round and round. LET'S GO TO PRESS.


• Following a HUGE spike of COVID cases in the state, and on the heels of an announcement from Multnomah County and the CDC, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is now recommending that everyone—regardless of vaccination status—wear masks in indoor public places. According to the OHA, "The highly contagious Delta variant has increased tenfold in the past two weeks in Oregon, and it is now estimated to be associated with 80 percent of the new cases in Oregon." Our Isabella Garcia has more.

• Former Oregon Republican Rep. Mike Nearman has grudgingly pleaded guilty to letting armed Trumpers into the statehouse during a special session last year, putting his fellow legislators in serious danger. The only thing Nearman actually admitted was that his thoughtless action would make him look good in the eyes of the extreme right wing. (And there you have the GOP's entire reason for being.)

• Environmental activists took to the Willamette River yesterday to protest Zenith Energy's proposed expansion of their oil tanker farm in North Portland. This expansion is particularly worrisome considering that most of the tanks already in place will most likely rupture during the coming mega-quake, and cause an epic environmental catastrophe. Our Isabella Garcia has the details on both of those stories.

• Now here's a headline you like to read: "Portland’s $114M pandemic relief program overwhelmingly helped Black residents, other people of color."

• And if you're looking for a fresh, healthy lunch... GODDAMN, that vegan sushi from Mitate looks good! Our Janey Wong has the review.


• As mentioned earlier, due to the scourge of the Delta variant sweeping the country, the CDC is recommending that everyone wear masks in indoor spaces, and that kids in grades K-12, regardless of whether they're vaccinated or not, should mask up in school.

• Yesterday, members of the Capitol Police gave emotional testimony about the Trumper domestic terrorist attack on January 6, which can't be making Republican enablers/whitewashers happy at all. Perhaps most damning was the testimony of Black Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn who recalled the racist names being hurled at him by those who are also quick to say "Blue Lives Matter." I guess that means to the exclusion of everyone else?

• One of the top Jan 6 enablers, Republican Rep. Mo Brooks, is being sued for his inflammatory speech that inspired Trumpers to attack the capitol, and just to put a finer point on his treasonous actions, the Justice Department has ruled that Brooks was not acting in his official capacity as a legislator, which will make suing him that much easier.

The mental health of athletes is taking center stage at the Tokyo Olympics, after gymnast Simone Biles bravely walked off the floor and dropped out of the individual, all around finals after admitting she wasn't in the right headspace to compete. She's joining scores of other athletes who are speaking out, and are tired of the bullshit, toxic "toughen up" attitude that's so prevalent in sports.

• Oh no, oh no, oh no! Comedic actor Bob Odenkirk reportedly collapsed while on the set of his show Better Call Saul, and was rushed to the hospital. No word yet on the cause, or how he's doing.

• And here's another feel good headline: "L.G.B.T.Q. Elected Officials in U.S. Number Nearly 1,000, Rising Fast."

• Too hot for ya? Get ready for a cool July because the Mercury's SUMMER OF SLUSHIES is serving up $5 delicious, boozy frozen concoctions from your fave bars all damn month long! BUT HURRY! The "damn month" runs out this Sunday!

• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: A slight chance of showers today (but, you know, probably not) with a high of 90.

• And finally, if only we ALL had Charlie Brown's teacher.