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Good morning, Portland! Pro tip for the holidays: You don't have to stress so much about the supply chain and shipping delays when you shop local! And we're here to help with that.

Here are the headlines.

• One private security firm has essentially become the police force in downtown Portland. How did that happen, what has the fallout been, and how do cops and prosecutors feel about it? That's the subject of an illuminating three-part series out this week from OPB. Part Two dropped today, but be sure to go back and read Part One if you haven't yet.

• The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has a controversial plan to start tolling Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 in the Metro area in a few years, and use that money to maintain and expand the freeways. Clackamas County residents had a chance to share their thoughts about the plan at a public meeting last night, and the sentiment was overwhelmingly negative. Criticism ranged from worrying the tolls wouldn't be equitable in how they affected people, to stressing that this will result in clogged side streets as drivers try to avoid the freeway.

• Excellent news that's been a long time coming—shout out to all the climate activists and Tribal leaders whose hard work made this happen!

• One day after the first confirmed Omicron variant COVID-19 case hit the United States, President Joe Biden is about to unveil his new winter COVID plan. It'll include increased testing for international travelers, extending the airplane mask mandate, insurance coverage for at-home testing, and a push to get people boosted.

• Have you heard the panic about fetanyl-laced weed? Don't worry—while a Connecticut lab allegedly confirmed one case, it might all be anti-drug bullshit.

• You undoubtedly heard yesterday that the Supreme Court is on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade, or severely weakening it at the very least. What you might not know is that as those hearings were happening, a new Texas law restricting access to abortion pills went into effect. Abortion rights are hanging by a thread, but abortions will continue happening regardless—they just won't be as safe, particularly for poor people, trans people, and people of color. Here's one small way you can help:

• The 15-year-old suspect in the Michigan high school shooting case has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder, and one case of terrorism causing death. The kid's parents might also face charges, because it was a gun purchased by them that was used in the killings.

• The reinvigorated US labor movement is still chugging along, and this time it's rearing its head in... professional baseball! As NPR reports, "Major League Baseball owners and players failed to reach a deal on a new work agreement, triggering a lockout — the owners' version of a strike. It's the first MLB work stoppage since a 1994 strike cut the season short and canceled the World Series... Owners say the players' demands for better pay for younger players would hurt their ability to stay competitive."

• Portland winter is upon us! That means it's getting dark at 4:30 pm, and there are plenty of days when the sun never makes an appearance. But you can still find some brightness in your blustery winter days, thanks to an absolutely stacked season of visual art showings—check out our recommendations here.

• And finally: New lighting just dropped.