So... who returned fire? Seems like a significant angle to the story.


1 Right-wing logic at its best. Chud murders and seriously injures others, someone finally injures him so he stops, and all the right-winger cares about is who shot the poor chud. Ignoring the real probability the idiot shot himself, somehow the return fire is the bad guy, right? I thought right-wingers believed in self-defense.


ahahahaha, you're seriously calling me right-wing? Because I want to know who else was firing a gun? I didn't say (or even remotely imply) they were the bad guy. I'm just saying, it's a significant part of the story that's not being told yet. The fuck is wrong with you, though? I've never voted for a Republican in my fucking life. So seriously, tell me why you're spewing hatred at me over a characteristic I do not even remotely possess?


@2 yes this!!


I just love how people are focusing so much on the PPB initially referring to the shooter as a ‘homeowner’. While I hope that the angry furry dude is put away for life, let’s not forget that the protesters had no legal right to gather and to “direct traffic” at that or any other location where they deem suitable. Oh yeah.......let’s not forget the heavy defacing of public property in honor of their comrade.

This kind of thing was bound to happen sooner or later as the cops are in a lose-lose situation regarding these riots/protests. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. It is time for the black bloc crowd to call it a day and let the city get back to normal. Or at least what was considered normal before.


Oh, I forgot to throw in evidence tampering. It’s going to be hard to prosecute the furry if the scene of the crime was tampered with and evidence removed.


2: I just misinterpreted your comment because it looked like some weird whataboutism. It occurred to me after I posted I may have been in the wrong in there. Sorry about that.


7: That was directed to #3 btw.


Apology accepted. I've certainly gone off half-cocked with my own hot takes on occasion.


@5 bro I think you’re forgetting about the first amendment

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