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Mayor Wheeler unveils plans for a central command to manage the varied bureaus homeless services.
Mayor Wheeler unveils plans for a central command to manage the varied bureaus' homeless services. JONATHAN FERREY / GETTY IMAGES

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Expect the shy sun to finally poke its head out tomorrow along with more showers and a high of 53. Okay... LET'S DO SOME HEADLINES.


• A possible big move toward managing Portland's homeless crisis: Mayor Ted Wheeler unveiled plans today for a new Street Services Coordination Center—a program that will act as a command central for the city's many bureaus and their efforts to help and shelter the unhoused. Our Alex Zielinski has the story!

* Congrats to the Portland School Board who has perhaps passed the most robust and aggressive climate policy out of all the school districts in the nation. Our Isabella Garcia explains why.

• Dear Portland Police Association (the union for rank-and-file cops): Here is a headline that may interest you, but that you will probably ignore. "Majority of community members surveyed don’t want Portland police watching body camera videos before writing reports."

• Starting March 12, not only will the state drop its indoor mask mandate, according to the Oregon Department of Education, the day will also see an end to quarantines and contact tracing for the general public, including school students.

• In case you missed it, Chase Hutchinson has a fascinating (and necessary) long read investigation into sexual harassment and assault accusations leveled by women film production workers who were employed on the Leverage and The Librarians sets while they were shooting in Portland. Harrowing, important stuff!


• Russian troops have reportedly seized Kherson, a Ukraine city of strategic importance, which would give Moscow control over a large section of the southern coastline (though Ukraine authorities are denying their claim). Meanwhile Ukrainian mayors are begging for help as troops continue their advance, and an assassination plot against President Zelensky was reportedly foiled and the unit sent to kill him were "destroyed" according to Ukraine sources. More bad news for Putin: His own people are increasingly turning against him... as well as his billionaire pals.

• The White House has issued a new COVID-19 Preparedness Plan which lays out strategies for combatting the virus as well as prepping for future pandemics.

• Heel of the week (of course it's a Republican): "Rep. Lauren Boebert heckles Biden as he talks about his late son during the State of the Union."

• Actually, THESE are the Republican "heels of the week": "Texas continues to remove LGBTQ suicide prevention resources from state websites."

• RIP Autherine Lucy Foster, the first Black woman to attend the University of Alabama, has died at the age of 92.

• Congrats to Kim Kardashian, who gets to finally ditch her ex-hubby Ye's last name, after a judge legally declares her "single."

• Related (in a sad, embarrassing way):

• It's the FINAL WEEK! America’s sexiest, funnest dirty movie fest, HUMP! is back and playing RIGHT NOW at Revolution Hall... and the hilarious Dan Savage is hosting, live and in the flesh—SO HURRY UP AND GET THEM TICKETS!

• And finally, here's what I get when I open Twitter and wonder, "What's going on today in the news?"