Whyyyy I oughtta... oh, damn it, Mercury! You have so many great stories, I cant stay mad at ya!
"Whyyyy I oughtta... oh, damn it, Mercury! You have so many great stories, I can't stay mad at ya!" fizkes /iStock /Getty Images Plus

Whooo! You're a BUSY BEE. Look, it's completely understandable that since you've been SO busy, you may have missed some of the great reporting and stories the Mercury churned out this week! So while you're lounging about this weekend, catch up on the knowledge you need by reading some of these A+++ Mercury articles! (PRO TIP: If you despise being "the last to know," then be one of the first to know by signing up for Mercury newsletters! All the latest stories shipped directly to your email's in-box... and then... YOUR HEAD.)

Mayor Wheeler Fires Former Police Union President Hunzeker Over Misinformation Leak
Former police union head Brian Hunzeker has been fired by Mayor Wheeler for his role in leaking false incriminating information about a city commissioner to the press.

Mercury Staff

• Silence on the Set: Claims of Harassment and Assault Within Portland’s Film Community
Multiple women working on two Portland-based TV series have accused prominent actors of sexual harassment and abuse. But the systemic problems in the local industry reach much further than that.
Ebin Lee

Data Reflects Tentative Success of Gun Violence Prevention Program in Mt. Scott
According to police data, shootings in Portland's Mt. Scott neighborhood dropped by 64% in the first three months after a traffic slowing program using plastic barrels was put in place—an idea suggested by the neighbors themselves.
Alex Zielinski

Eye of the Tiger: Portland’s Art Communities Claw Their Way Back
The Mercury's Spring Arts Preview is an annual opportunity to present our city’s wonders and spread the word about wonders to come. We are here to PUMP *clap* YOU UP, Portland.


Oregon to Lift Indoor Mask Mandate on March 12
Oregon will lift its indoor mask mandate on March 12 as COVID-19 cases decrease across the state.

• Savage Love: Paradise Found
Threesomes! A reader is excited to have one, but scared of potential, unsexy "jealousy" feelings. So what's one to do? Dan Savage draws on his personal experiences to help a poly in need in the latest SAVAGE LOVE!
Joe Newton

Portland to Raise Parking Fees to Recoup Revenue and Disincentivize Driving
Parking prices are set to increase in Portland as the transportation bureau aims to address gaps in revenue and disincentivize driving.

POP QUIZ PDX: Sassy Trivia Qs, and YOUR Choice for Portland's Official Mascot!
Surprise! YOU get to decide who (or what) will be Portland's new official MASCOT! Plus there are a lot of fun, sassy trivia questions to answer as well in this week's edition of... POP QUIZ PDX!

In The Queers, Mikki Gillette Writes Real, Unflinching Stories about the Transgender Experience
Mikki Gillette’s first staged play, The Queers, is significant, not only for her skill and vision, but because it’s one of the only trans-written plays in Oregon that was also produced with an ensemble cast of transgender actors.

Sunbela Brings Sweet Baked Goods and More to East Portland’s Iraqi Community
A new Iraqi bakery called Sunbela has popped up in outer SE Portland and is serving lots of sweet and savory treats!
Janey Wong

Portland Art Museum Scores a Rare View, Not Just of Frida Kahlo, but the Interconnected History of Mexican Modernism
Much of the Portland Art Museum’s new show, "Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism" is kept semi-permanently in Mexico, so it’s a privilege, especially during a pandemic, to have this collection at our city museum.
Diego Rivera, Landscape with Cacti

Hear in Portland: Spotlight on BIPOC Classical Composers, a Habibi + Plastic Cactus Show, Hip-Hop at Alberta Abbey, and More!
Upcoming shows, new singles, and a spotlight on Oregon’s BIPOC classical composers! Jenni Moore has some tips on who you should be listening to in the latest edition of Hear in Portland!

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