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Lets all bring this general energy with us into the few remaining weeks of summer, shall we?
Let's all bring this general energy with us into the few remaining weeks of summer, shall we? AMY LISS

Good morning, Portland! Careful out there today—it's gonna be a hot one.

Here are the headlines.

Patriots: There's a good chance you've already read this gem of an article by our own Alex Zielinski, but in case you haven't: Alex got the inside scoop from a secret liberal infiltrator of far-right Vacounver, Washington group Patriot Prayer. My personal favorite quote? "They’re just not very curious people."

Strike Town: Have you been hearing about the possibility of a strike at your local grocery story, or at your university? Get caught up to speed on the two big potential strikes happening soon in Oregon.

Where There's Smoke: You know that smoke you saw billowing up from 82nd Ave on your way home yesterday? That smoke came from a four-alarm grass fire that burned several buildings—but no people were seriously hurt.

Harbor of Hope: A new homeless navigation center—which will offer shelter as well as social services for chronically homeless people—opened yesterday in the Pearl District. The new center is a public-private partnership, funded by Columbia Sportswear's CEO.

Burning Ego: Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro has refused an offer from world leaders of $20 million help with fires in the Amazon rainforest. Bolsonaro says he might reconsider if French President Emmanuel Macron takes back "insults made to my person."

A little context on how much money we're talking about here:

This Photo Came to Life: In October, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for three cases concerning LGBTQ people's right to legal protections at work. Ahead of the Court's decision, the Trump Administration has filed an amicus brief asking that they please allow employers to fire people because of their sexual orientation.

Unprecedented: An Oklahoma judge has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay over $570 million to help make up for its role in fueling the state's opioid addiction epidemic. This is the first time such a ruling has been made in any US state, though Purdue Pharma did agree to a settlement with Oklahoma last year.

You Know You Still Love This Story:

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