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American citizens wave from a bus as they leave the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
American citizens wave from a bus as they leave the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. Carl Court / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! It's President's Day which means... you can park downtown for free today and support our current POTUS' consumerism ideals at the sales racks. America! Now, for the news you might have missed over the weekend:

Going Viral: Cruise ships have become the silent weapon of the coronavirus. Over the weekend, fourteen Americans who had been on a cruise flew home from Japan to the US. Only after they landed in Texas did authorities learn they had been tested positive for the coronavirus. Meanwhile, hundreds of cruise passengers thought to be healthy left a ship in Cambodia, traveled around the country, and flew back to their home countries before authorities found at least one passenger had tested positive for the disease.

Barr Burned: More than one thousand former US Department of Justice officials have signed on to a letter demanding Attorney General William Barr's resignation after he lessened the prison sentence for Trump pal Roger Stone. From the letter: "Governments that use the enormous power of law enforcement to punish their enemies and reward their allies are not constitutional republics; they are autocracies."

Happy President's Day: Trump has ordered SWAT-like teams of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to make sweeping arrests of undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities. Portland is not on the list of sanctuary cities ICE will target first.

Terrible News of the Day: Kaiser Permanente neurosurgeon allegedly removed part of a patientโ€™s brain instead of a tumor, causing permanent brain damage. A representative for the man, who can no longer read or write, is suing the Oregon company for $25 million.

Logging Off? A historic agreement between Oregon environmentalists and logging execs may be completely upended by pouty Republican members of the legislature threatening a walk out over timber bills.

Rose Lanes or Bust: Portland City Council approved a new program to improve bus transit Friday. But will it see success without they support of TriMet and other government agencies? Portland officials are unsure.

Homeless Services Support on the Ballot? On Thursday, community homeless services providers, government leaders, and homeless community members spoke in favor of a proposed Metro ballot measure to fund homeless services using a tax on high-income earners. But, as Willamette Week reports, the business community is hesitant to throw its weight behind the measure's proposed high-income earner tax.