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Good morning, Portland! It's March, which means—suuuurprise—it's going to be cold and rainy today. Fortunately, it's perfect weather for a day quarantined inside with the coronavirus.

Pete's Out: Boy Mayor Pete Buttigieg stepped out of the Democratic presidential race two days before Super Tuesday—pissing off early voters and delighting national treasure Chasten Buttigieg. Pete left he race a day after the South Carolina primary, which ended in a victory for Joe Biden. It's expected that Joe will begin collecting support of the moderate voters originally drawn to Pete.

TOTES FOR JOE: And other terrible slogans slapped on presidential campaign swag, curated by the Mercury's own Erik Henriksen.

Bad Flavor: Public Enemy has fired notorious hype man Flavor Flav after Flav accused Bernie Sanders' campaign of wrongly using his likeness to promote an upcoming rally featuring a performance by Public Enemy.

Coronavirus Close to Home: Two Washingtonians became the first Americans to die from coronavirus over the weekend. One of the deceased was a resident at a nursing home in Kirkland, a suburb of Seattle where the disease may have been quietly spreading undetected for weeks. As of this morning, the virus has infected 89,700 people and at least 3,056 people have died, all but 144 in mainland China.

Coronavirus Closer to Home: On Friday, a Lake Oswego employee at Forest Hills Elementary became the first person in Oregon to test positive for the coronavirus. It's not been made public how the viral disease was contracted, but the news has prompted Forest Hills to shutter for cleaning until Thursday. State health employees spent the weekend testing people this employee has come in contact with, so far finding one other person to have contracted a mild version of the illness.

PSA: No, there aren't any useful items left on the shelves in Portland-area grocery stores.

Activist Defense: The trial against climate activists who blocked a Portland shipping terminal ended in a hung jury last week, which is both good and bad news. The jury’s inability to convict the activists reflects the prevailing community consciousness," said the activists' lawyer after the news broke.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico: It's been nearly two months since an earthquake rattled southwest Puerto Rico, and thousands of people are still sleeping under camping tents, on cots, in their cars and in enormous open tents that serve as government shelters. Read the New York Times' coverage of the US' lingering disaster.

Today's Best Headline: "An Escaped Goat Held the Residents of a Portland Group Home Hostage."

FAIR? Portland's newest rental protections went into effect on March 1, despite a last-minute attempt by a landlord advocacy group to overturn them. Here's what that means.

Highball is Coming: Are you ready?

Everybody Loves John Mulaney: