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Gov. Kate Brown extends school closures to April 28.
Gov. Kate Brown extends school closures to April 28.

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! The sparkle in your eyes keeps me alive. And the sparkle in your eyes, keeps me alive, keeps me alive. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

In a press release sent yesterday afternoon, Gov. Kate Brown announced she is extending public school closures statewide for an additional four weeks to slow the spread of coronavirus. School is expected to start back—at this point—on April 28.

Meanwhile Multnomah County has put a moratorium on residential evictions as long as the state of emergency lasts—though renters are expected to pay back the unpaid rent within six months. Our Alex Zielinski has the details.

The tally of coronavirus cases in Oregon has surged once again, swelling to 68, and a second person has died. Testing is not where it should be and the state is sending mixed messages as to when we'll get them.

The city's daycare workers are struggling too, as our Blair Stenvick reports:

“I would really love to see something… where we’re actively balancing the needs of working-class families with the needs of society as a whole,” said Becky Burgess, a teacher at Wild Lilac, a daycare in Southeast Portland. “I don’t think keeping childcares open for regular business as usual is the right way to do that.”

The lay-off situation in Portland ain't pretty. Powell's announced, after temporarily laying off employees, that some will be permanent. Meanwhile, McMenamins are closing all their Pacific Northwest locations and laying off a whopping 3,000 employees.

You knew this conversation was coming, and here it is: "Is it time to lock down Oregon to slow the coronavirus?"

PEOPLE! Stop panic buying at the grocery store! There's going to be plenty for everyone—and that goes for toilet paper, too. If worse comes to worst, you know how to wash your ass, right? If not, you've got bigger problems than the coronavirus.

Also don't confuse coronavirus for allergies:

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The coronavirus can now be found in every state in America, and nationally, over 100 people have died. Globally, confirmed COVID-19 cases have topped 200,000.

By mutual decision, the border between Canada and the US will be closed to nonessential traffic.

The US government is strongly considering sending Americans and small businesses checks to mitigate the fiscal pain caused by the coronavirus.

And though the stock market rebounded yesterday following the worst trading day in decades, it has tumbled once again after hearing the Senate—who just returned from their leisurely long weekend—are still dragging their feet on stimulus packages.

To the surprise of no one, a strong majority of Americans have no trust at all in Donald Trump and his views on the coronavirus.

Another "you saw it coming" headline: "New York City 'almost to point' of recommending 'shelter-in-place' to Governor, NYC Mayor says."

Airlines and public transportation are struggling with the coronavirus, as employees are getting sick or simply walking off the job because they feel unsafe.

Bernie Sanders could be looking at the end of his presidential campaign, after Joe Biden swept Florida, Illinois, and Arizona in their state primaries.

If there's any reason to be jealous of the contestants on the reality show Big Brother, this is it: They had NO IDEA the coronavirus was going on.

GOOD NEWS: Coronavirus stricken actors Tom Hanks and Idris Alba are both doing better!

Okay, now let's peer out of our quarantined windows at the WEATHER: Cloudy this morning with a high of 56, but lots of sunshiney sunshine ahead (thank god).

And finally... Rudy! Not you, Rudy!