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Good morning, Portland! It's time to count your blessings—and this video that reimagines the flu as an upstaged celebrity is among mine this morning.

Okay, here are the headlines.

• Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive order yesterday that places new restriction on travel, businesses, and recreation. Under the new order, many "non-essential" businesses are shuttered, from barber shops to aquariums. The order also impacts daycares, offices, and any and all gatherings—read more about it here.

• The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics have officially been postponed until at least 2021. In a statement, Olympic leaders said the Olympic flame will stay in Tokyo in the meantime, to "stand as a beacon of hope to the world during these troubled times."

• As of this morning, there are over 395,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, and 17,000 deaths. The most recent Oregon numbers: 191 cases and five deaths. (PSSST: You can check in on our coronavirus daily updates, which usually go up around midday, to get the latest numbers and more news.)

• Multnomah County employees are being asked to volunteer at emergency shelters meant to slow the spread of COVID-19—and some of them fear repercussions if they decline.

• Public health experts are pissed off about Donald Trump's recent suggestion that shutdowns should end soon. "That is exactly the wrong thing to do," one told NPR. "Cases would go up and so would deaths...we now need to stay the course!"

• Congress is still working to pass a coronavirus economic stimulus bill, which would include one-off $1,200 checks for every American adult.

• According to the Oregonian, one in every 20 patients at Oregon's emergency rooms show symptoms of COVID-19, and the number of Oregonians tested for the flu—which has similar symptoms to COVID-19—greatly increased this year.

• Boeing, one of the most impactful companies in the Pacific Northwest, has suspended all production in Seattle due to the coronavirus.

• Portland's annual LGBTQ+ Pride parade and festival has been postponed this year. The nonprofit that hosts Pride is worried what that will mean for its financial bottom line.

Here are a few good things!

• Portland parks are impacted by Brown's new executive order, but you can still use some of them. Here are the details on which parks are and aren't open, and what you can and can't do in them.

• Oregon cannabis dispensaries are now allowed to offer curbside pickup. Check out what's available near you in the Mercury's handy guide.