Creepy Chad CHAD! Wolf spreading more lies about Portland.
Creepy Chad "CHAD!" Wolf spreading more lies about Portland. Samuel Corum / Getty News

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• A whopping 2,000 protesters (including the "wall of moms" and—new last night—a wall of DADS) showed up downtown to demonstrate against police brutality, and were once again brutalized for their trouble by rogue federal agents serving the Trump administration. However, the president's actions have done nothing less than reinvigorate the protests that were beginning to die down. Mercury contributor Suzette Smith has all the details.

• State lawmakers, a church, a legal observer, and others have filed a lawsuit against the four federal law enforcement agencies that have been harassing and brutalizing Portlanders every night.

• Meanwhile Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is pressing a judge to issue a restraining order to stop unidentified federal agents from snatching and detaining Portlanders off the street.

• Despite City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty's earlier request to give her the police commissioner gig, Mayor Ted Wheeler is now saying he has no plans to do so. (But he didn't explain why he thinks he's still the best person for the job.)

• Oh and here's your reminder that while the nation is watching the Feds as they tear gas and injure local protesters, Portland Police officers have been doing this, like FOREVER, and are continuing to do so.

• The Oregon Health Authority reported 299 new coronavirus cases since yesterday, and 7 additional deaths which ties the state record for people dying of COVID in a single day.

• Hurry, hurry! If you haven't registered to vote and want to in the upcoming August special election, today is the last day to do that! Our Blair Stenvick will show you the way.


• Acting Dept. Of Homeland Security Secretary Chad "CHAD!" Wolf spoke out today against Portland "anachists" (AKA peaceful protesters) and Mayor Ted Wheeler saying that if local authorities "did their job" then federal officers wouldn't need to be here. That is some grade-A gaslighting right there!

• After months of obstructing plans to control the raging COVID pandemic, Trump sheepishly admitted today what the rest of us already clearly know: “It will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better.” What a sad fucking country we've been reduced to.

• In more headlines you probably already suspected: "The C.D.C. says the number of people infected ‘far exceeds the number of reported cases’ in parts of the U.S."

• As emergency aid gets ever closer to expiring, the Senate Republicans and the White House are bickering over a coronavirus relief plan and are unable to come to agreement on even the most basic points. It'd be funny if we weren't the ones teed up to pay the ultimate price.

• Guess what? The GOP-controlled Senate has struck down a bipartisan bill that would've strictly limited the Defense Department from sending dangerous military gear to civilian police. Surprised? Of course you aren't.

• Also not a surprise: Fox News' Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee of the network. Fox anchor Ed Henry has been accused of rape.

• More Republican malfeasance: The GOP speaker of Ohio's House of Representatives was arrested on charges related to a $60 million bribery scheme.

• Today in "OH HELL NO HE DID NOT": House Republican Ted Yoho of Florida reportedly accosted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside the Capitol yesterday, calling her "disgusting," "crazy," and (steel yourself) "a fucking bitch." OH HELL NO HE DID NOT.

• In happier news, rapper Nicki Minaj says she is pregnant with her first child. Congrats!

• Ruby Rose (a white actress) has been replaced on the CW's Batwoman by Javicia Leslie (a Black actress), and in 3-2-1... HERE COME THE TROLLS. New Mercury contributor Pharoah Bolding reminds us why representation matters in superheroes and why we should beware "white geekdom."

• You need some laughs, right? Then get your tickets now for the I, Anonymous livestream show featuring funny-as-all-get-out comedians including Arlo Weierhauser, Shane Torres, and David Gborie coming at you Wednesday, July 29!

• THE WEATHER REPORT: Clouds and sun tomorrow through Friday with highs in the mid-70s to 80.

• And finally, Joe Biden still hasn't chosen his running mate yet... but can I respectfully nominate "Asia the Wig"?