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"We Don't Cross Picket Lines": Benson High School Construction Workers Walk Off The Job In Solidarity With Striking Teachers

As Portland Public Schools teachers continue to strike, some construction workers remodeling Benson Polytechnic High School in Northeast Portland have a message for the district: meet the teachers' demands, or we walk off the job.

Taylor Griggs

What Happens at a Shrek Rave?

Waitasecond... a SHREK RAVE? We sent Ben Coleman to check it out, and he discovered a fun night jam-packed with gender-swapped costumes and Smash Mouth beats on the dance floor.

Suzette Smith

City Council Approves Independent Monitor to Watch Over Cops

Portland City Council have voted to allow an independent monitor to determine if Portland cops are compliant with the DOJ's demands regarding the bureau's excessive use of force. The amendments create a pathway for the city to self-monitor going forward.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland


Don't miss the latest hilarious edition of THE TRASH REPORT! This week's hot mess gossip includes striking strikers on strike, Trump's turd sandwich, and Channing Tatum is proportionately TOO LARGE.


With Phil Neville, Timbers Make Controversial Pick for New Manager

Despite outcry from fans, the Timbers have hired the controversial Phil Neville as their new head coach, whose lack of past success is worsened by a history of sexist tweets.


PPS Unions Representing Administrative, Cafeteria, and Custodial Workers Request Mediation

The Portland teachers' strike continues, but as two other school unions request mediation with PPS, it's clear the district's labor turmoil extends beyond just the educators.

Taylor Griggs

Should You Eat an Edible Before Seeing Priscilla?

Sofia Coppola's Priscilla Presley biopic is a great stoner flick. Hear me out.



A new full length album from Portland-based rapper Milc and how is this Beyoncé dance night not sold out? Here's your fresh, local music updates courtesy of Hear in Portland.


Oregon Jazz Legend Dan Balmer to Release New Album on Local Label

With his new album, "When the Night," Oregon Hall of Famer Dan Balmer chose to elevate local label PJCE Records—an offshoot of Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble that's been doing interesting things.



Green Day and Sir Chloe are heading our way, and you oughta know that Alanis Morissette tickets are going on sale next week—all this and much more in this edition of TICKET ALERT!

Courtesy of the artist

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