But it's a MIGHTY $85!!! <3 OPDX
Umpqua isn't a community bank, and it isn't headquartered in Portland. It's your standard for-profit provider of consumer and business financial services, albeit one with very good service. It's based in Roseburg.
The bank's chairmen of the board owns a nasty timber harvesting company - that's why they were attacked.
All the way from Roseburg?! Man those big-city slickers sure did snow me good!

I wonder if no one is donating directly to Occupy because they mismanaged tens of thousands in donations just a few weeks ago.
What's your home made of, blah? Lumber?
Blabby beats me once again to common sense reply's.
'occupy' get your donations in you promised.
$85 is a joke.
As long as you have planned reforestation, like Weyerhauser does, what is wrong with harvesting timber? Timber is the only natural resource we have that can be replaced once you harvest it. Sure, you can recycle glass, steel, aluminum and various other materiaals, but once the raw materials are dug out of the ground, they don't grow back.
I would imagine the actual rock thrower in this instance either lives in a glass house or a mud thatched hut. Like many B-Town commenters.
Denis - why give those "anarchist" fools publicity anyway?
Cough up some money to fix the parks, you cheap bastards.
50,000 to 100,000? THE CITY OF PORTLAND IS FUCKING KIDDING ME. I want to know how much they estimated The Rose Festival for 'ruining some grass'. Did you guys know Randy Leonard allocated 4 MILLION DOLLARS OF WATER BUDGET MONEY to build a Rose Festival Building? AN ENTIRE BUILDING TO BE USED FOR AN EVENT THAT HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR. I am not mad at these protesters for camping outside of City Hall. Our City is fucking criminal! It's embarrassing the police say that can't handle crime that is ONE BLOCK AWAY FROM THE CENTRAL PRECINCT. Fire Mike Reese, Fire Adams, Fire them All!
Seriously, a bank could be cooking and eating children and giving out vials of crack for every new account and the "anarchists" (that never gets less funny) would still be the bigger assholes for sending a message by breaking a window.

What's next morons, we gonna steal some car stereos?
"Occupy also has a fund for restoration, but it's only got $85."

Classic. Why do I picture Jim Anchower in my head whenever I hear about the fund-raising acumen of Occupy Portland?
OccuPesssssts just in time for OccuFest---now the middle class parents have to deal with them bitchin and ranting and raving...well, just about anything! "Mom I was cold. I was wet. I was hungry. I was lonely. I was uncomfortable. Where's my extra stuffing and make sure to use Bragg's vinegar on the salad!!!"

And to think they could have avoided all of this but no, instead they used their socialistic bent to shoot down the finance committee from doing their job. Can you imagine a culture where we all learn to love and trust each other enough so when I want a new car I can give you a bowl full of spinach from my garden?

Occupy Portland -- naaa, how about: Get Real.
Why do people keep using Rose Fest as a counter point? At least it makes money for the city
I am an occupier, a forest activist, an anarchist, and one of the people
that met with CEO Ray Davis of Umpqua Bank last Wednesday addressing
Umpqua Bank's involvement in funding timber. I have some facts for you,
some from the mouth of CEO Davis himself. (Yes, some anarchists throw
bricks through windows and some meet with bank CEOs.)

First, Allyn C. Ford, President of Roseburg Forest Products, is the
Independent Chairman of the Board of Umpqua Holdings Corporation of which
Umpqua Bank is a subsidiary. Roseburg Forest Products is one of the major
companies that logs untouched rainforest in the Elliott State Forest and
elsewhere on public lands. While Roseburg Forest Products might not bank
with Umpqua, Umpqua Bank clearly gives their tacit approval of Roseburg
Forest Product's destruction of state lands.

Umpqua Bank is not a 'community bank'. They have $12 billion dollars in
assets and are a member of the Federal Reserve. They took $214 million
dollars in bailout funds they didn't need, even if, after public
embarrassment, they paid it back. They the opposed the Durbin Amendment
limiting debit card fees at registers.

Move your money to a credit union now!

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