So.... we're in anarchy now, yes?
I miss the good old days when we had a draft and these idiots had to shape up and ship out. Just pathetic, I hope they get shot.
A very small group of them passed 15th a little over half an hour ago. They were chanting "the people united will never be divided" (which isn't the chant), except half of them were chanting something else about police brutality, sort of undoing the united and undivided argument.
Police provocateurs love taking advantage of the anonymity those masks provide. And when they provide the perfect excuse for a crackdown, it almost always works.…
"I hope they get shot."

Over afew smashed windows. WOW! Which were smashed by a COP-INFILTRATOR, btw! Maybe someone ought to report your sorry ass for DEATH THREATS!
The positive elements of the Occupy movement need to beat the shit out of these dumbasses to let them know, without a doubt, their destructive crap won't be tolerated.
Ironically, this kind of makes me advocate more police brutality, not less.
Pro tip kids: if you don't want police and government, act like they aren't necessary. Your vandalism and general thuggery justifies the State and is counterproductive. I'd actually like to think it is just planted provocateurs but I know some punks really are stupid enough to be so self-defeating. If you must break things, break your own things. Even destroying government property just comes out of the wallets of your fellow citizens.
You're making peaceful anarchists look bad. Ass clowns.
black bloc is not a group, or organization. It is a loosely defined set of tactics. Seems to be a poor decision to use such tactics here, thus overshadowing the issue of police brutality. The cops have no room to talk about property destruction, given all of the humans they have harmed.
@Spindles: OK, so three reasonably muscled guys show up to a protest, break a camera, and don't say anything...that makes them cops. Are you serious?
"black bloc trashes belmont"? There was, like, 5 broken windows, some paint, and a displaced trash can. If they had been out to trash it, you would have a better photo than a couple of punctures in a door. How about "PPB drag's innocent people's faces across the pavement all over SE portland"? Because that is similarly accurate. They beat and cut people in the street, and didn't even try to say they were the one's breaking things. Their crimes were jaywalking, and they were beaten for it.

But, you know, let's focus on the window. What was this march about again? Oh yeah, something something brutality...
quote of the day - “This is a group of anarchists, and we have asked them not to do this and they don’t listen.”
I think the cause is valid one.
You know, it's real fucking funny how people in general like to advocate violence and even make chicken-shit death threats on-line in response to insignificant amounts of property damage. Who are the "anarchists" now?!
@12 Somehow I doubt you grasp the irony of your last two sentences. What was this march about? Must have been about breaking a few windows. All because someone had a bad plate of gnocchi once, I guess? Or maybe it was because Columbus is from Genoa? Are they mad that Dixie Mattress Co. left?

Fucking imbeciles.
worst. protest. ever.

while this protest was supposed to be part of occupy, the protesters are actually part of a different 1%. The 99% of us who live in that neighborhood thank the police
Well, Genoa's policy of requiring a deposit on reservations for 6 or more is pretty oppressive.
Donny: Are these the Nazis, Walter?

Walter Sobchak: No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there's nothing to be afraid of.
I like the idea of groups of people following behind the vandals and cleaning up after them. This should be main strategy employed by Occupy to demonstrate that they don't condone the actions of the anarchist types.
This was not Occupy? LOL. And you call yourself a newspaper? Once again selective reporting from the Pravda of downtown Portland. If you are reading this rag I invite you to go down and see what happened for yourself. There's a YouTube link after description.

Occu-Mob Goes Berserk: Smashes Windows, Dumps Trash, Intimidates Media/Cops
From: daylightdisinfectant | Feb 7, 2012 | 89 views
Dateline Portland, Oregon - February 7, 2012: Violence/Language warning. Viewer Discretion Is Advised. What was supposed to be another "Peaceful Protest" by Occupy Portland ran hopelessly awry and out of control this evening. The self described mob shouted profanity, broke windows, and sought to intimidate police and citizen journalists who would try and film it. Some occupiers overturned trash cans while others seemingly not in agreement with the vandals, uprighted the cans and tried to clean up the mess. Portland Police responded with the riot squad. A total of ten arrests were made, three caught on film, with two of the perps identifying themselves and claiming that they were just walking down the sidewalk and were pushed into the street. One claims the cops attacked him with a bottle. One of those arrested identifies herself as a "Emmalyn Garrett." The other identifies himself as "Effy Artinez" (SP?). Chants made by the Occu-Mob included "Fu*k the Police!," "All Cops Are Bastards," and "America Has Got to Go!" Again, viewer discretion is advised. ... (more info)
Jesus, Dan. You're like a priest who spends all day denouncing sexual immorality and all night fucking kids. The anarchists create support for the police by acting like assholes, then Dan comes along and encourages support for the anarchists by pretending that these are the same people who honestly can't find work. You're just a really stupid person.
Well sadly, the reporting here IS extremely bias on a WW/OregonLive level. So i'm pretty disappointed that the Merc. would publish such a slanderous blog. I actually have to go to my credit union on Belmont this morning - i seriously doubt i will encounter a "trashed" street.

And it also seems to be lost on many folks that any damage occurred may likely have been done by POLICE PROVOCATEURS.…
See that, Dan? See how you sound just like that goofy asshole DamosA? That's what happens when you assume that the world is made up of two kinds of people. You two clowns should move to Idaho together.
Go back to occupying your parents' basement.
OWS needs to get some rules and a structure. Let the anarchists go have their own pointless tantrums.

And protesting the police, except in truly extreme cases, is a fool's errand.

Ah, but then fools think they can defeat capitalism by means of juvenile street theater like this crap.
So, i see vandalism, maybe not done by the main group, and a bunch of whiny ass kids. That one kid should have just gone to the sidewalk and STFU. He did not have to be arrested but what in the fuck good does it do anyone to antagonize police. You know that won't end well. How is this helping the 99% ? Some stupid lame chants and a bunch of confused 20 something middle class white kids whining about America. Is Genoa a corporation? Oh, and before you 20 somethings get pissed, if you are my age and doing this nonsense I actually have less respect for you than the 20 somethings. Just stop. What a shock it was on Belmont eh?
PLEASE only spray paint irregular people's cars.
I'm buy irregular clothing at outlet stores, please do not spray-paint my car
people who want to practice violence as protest will completely discredit the Occupy movement, which has had a strong commitment to non-violence since the start. this article, the second like it in two weeks (see Chris Hedges's article and over 100 responses) tells a very sad and disturbing story. if you want to practice random violence in an infantile manner (or any other manner), please separate yourselves from the rest of us who have chosen a higher, better and more effective way.
daylightdisinfectant = biggest douche bag fake journalist ever.
Everything he does is bias, he also likes to censor comments made on his utube videos.
Typical fascist.

I bet at least two of those masked individuals were undercover cop agent provocateurs.
Oh yeah those guys breaking the windows had nothing to do with Occupy. That's must be why they offered to PAY FOR THE DAMAGES. Oooops.…
Go away, bitch. Go be useful somewhere else, like inside an ant hole.

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