Rights by their very nature cannot be earned but are inherently bestowed upon Man by God. Violations are not crimes and therefore a Man cannot be tried for them under the Bill of Rights. Such charges are veneer, pursuant to colorable law under martial rule, applicable only to soldiers, surfs, or enemy combatants.
Oooo that's some hot nonsense
So in other words, the protestors could have gotten off with a slight, slap on the wrist, undeserved, though it may be, but now they get to stand trial for actual crimes? What are the maximum possible penalties for the criminal charges? Probably up to several years in the hoosegow, I'll bet.
Man I so wish these people would just stop this nonsense.
"occupy" turned into a huge farce. Big Down Twinkles.
And didn't that chick that got pepper-sprayed in the face lose her case, btw?
Was that reported on in these pages?
In general, the most time you can get for any misdemeanor is 364 days in jail. Not sure about the fines, but the likely penalty (for those without any prior arrests) would be a few months probation, or possibly community service.
It's not clear; have the charges been reduced to a violation or was the reduction merely a contingent plea offer? Will a jury trial be for charges of misdemeanors? Even some misdemeanor convictions can carry a sentence of up to several years. If the misdemeanor charges have been reduced to violations and cannot be reverted, and Court decisions are in favor of the Right to a Jury trial, then indeed that is a win for the defense.
If the DA already dropped the class A & B misdemeanors when told they couldn't be tried as violations, they're ultimately just going to drop the class C charges, as well. They dropped the A & B charges because, just like the C charges, they're all BS charges.
Bullshit charges are what the DA's all about. Sour grapes. If you don't take the plea deal, then the DA will try to get you convicted and sentenced to the max. The DA couldn't care less about justice. All they care about is getting a conviction at all costs.
@Dina, cite me a single misdemeanor in Oregon that carries a sentence of "up to several years."
Fine. I'll do this the helpful way: Class A's = 1 yr max, Class B = 6 months max, Class C = 30 days max. ORS 161.615.

The easy way to think about it is 1 year max is the dividing line between misdemeanor and felony.
If it ain't a felony it ain't no fun.
Assault IV is a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of 3 years.
Make that 5 years. Assault IV misdemeanor is actually treated as Class C felony in some cases.
You just can't trust those bastards from making up charges as they go along. I was assaulted by a couple of abusive PSU Safety Patrollers, one of whom was a girl. She tried to hold me while her partner repeatedly whacked my knee with his baton. I got charged with Assault IV for squeezing her hand to tight while that was happening. The Judge treated it as domestic violence. I never even met that fat assed broad before that day and I sure as hell wouldn't want to shack up with her.

That was no lady, that's a cop.

Trouble is, they never told me that they were actually police officers. I figured that since they were wearing school safety patrol uniforms that they were just security guards.
Now, now, don't you think it makes good sense, or fashion sense at any rate, to have the fairer sex in police and/or, safety patroller uniforms? If perpetrators have any common decency at all, they will cease and desist and do as they are told, just out of respect with extra courtesy for a woman. You must have been doing something naughty, anyway, to deserve getting your knee whacked. Maybe the other PSU Safety Patroller was jealous of you holding his partner's hand?
The Israeli military is trained and under general orders, that if they are to encounter a female enemy in combat, they are to shoot her first, before killing any men, because women are much, more, vicious, then men.
I had been issued a citation for trespassing by the PSU Safety Patrolers, for sleeping in an open stairwell, just a few weeks prior to having been assaulted by them. I was a student at the time. The guard who wrote me the ticket said that it would still be okay for me to return during normal hours of operation, so I did.

I should NOT of believed him; he set me up.

I returned and was sitting in the computer lab, Spaming the Merc, when that same guard came and asked me to follow him outside, which I did with full cooperation. When we got to the street, he and his unattractive, female, partner corralled me, and tried to handcuff me.

Why and the hell would anyone let a couple of security guards handcuff them?
See how mean those Israelis can be? Women may tend to get a bit hysterical at times, but you really can't take them as a serious threat. After all, wasn't it the male cop who kept whacking the perpetrator's knee with the baton? It wasn't the nice lady. After all, she was just holding his hand.
It's not as if the guy were some pimp who was pissed off because his girl wasn't good enough for me. She grabbed my hand to hold me so that her partner wouldn't have to try and hit a moving target. I was actually startled when she finally said "Ow;' then we both let go of each others' hands. Ironically, it was she who felt pain, not me. The guy really didn't know how to effectively strike with the baton. The doctor who examined me at the hospital couldn't find any marks on my knee, at all.

There is good reason for that.

If I had wanted to, I could have put an end to their violent behavior in an instant, but in effort not to hurt them, I dragged out their amateurish attempts for about twenty or so minutes. That undeserved act of kindness on my part, got me a face full of pepper mace.

I should have just kept walking when we first got outside the computer lab, and totally just ignored those fools.
Some people just never learn.

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