The LA Times got a hold of Blogtown's favorite chew toy this morning, with a writeup of last night's UCLA panel "Look at This F*ing Panel: A Sociological Investigation of the Hipster," moderated by Christian Lorentzen and featuring Vice Magazine's Gavin McInnes (who sounds like a personification of his magazine. That is a BURN); Tao Lin; n+1 assistant editor Chrisopher Glazek; UCLA history professor Mary Corey, and a few other folks.

I actually can't imagine anything more boring than another trot 'round the "hipsters are ruining civilization/there's no such thing as a hipster" argument—and the question of whether that apathy towards the conversation actually defines me as a hipster is EVEN MORE BORING. Plus, according to this article, it totally doesn't! Because I'm too old. Anyway I did find the writeup interesting, albeit in a "trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth" sort of way.

What Do Hipsters and Pornography Have in Common:

What do hipsters and pornography have in common? As the saying goes, you know 'em when you see 'em. That was the joke moderator Christian Lorentzen used to kick off the eight-person discussion "Look at This F*ing Panel: A Sociological Investigation of the Hipster" Monday night at UCLA.

The panel, inpsired by one held last year at NYU by n+1 magazine, imported many of its panelists from New York. A notable exception was L.A.'s Mark Hunter, the photographer also known as the Cobrasnake. Wearing tattered denim shorts and an American-flag shirt, Hunter spoke up idealistically for hipsters as people who were inspired and creative, getting some of the night's warmest applause.

But that came later. First, the panel struggled to agree on a definition of today's hipster. As Lortentzen joked, a hipster is easier to recognize than to define — and the eight panelists never came to a consensus.