Today, The Oregonian shocked Portland with the headline "Sneaker Wave May Be Cause of Man's Death." An unnamed 75-year-old man was found floating off the Oregon coast last Friday, an apparent victim of a "sneaker wave"--waves so sneaky, they creep up on old people and actually sweep them into the ocean! Charles K. Sollitt, the director of OSU's Wave Research Laboratory (your tax dollars at work, folks!) offered this stern warning to our states beach-walking octogenarians. "Be very cognizant of the fact that if you turn your back to the surf, there might be debris in a sneaker wave [driftwood, an old boot, numchucks] that can actually knock you down." One Day would also like to remind everyone that our beaches are far too dangerous for older citizens, and are much better suited for the young, the strong, and most importantly, the nude. So stay home, gramps, and watch Matlock.

It must have seemed like karma giving him a swift kick in the ass: A group of 200 vocal gays and lesbians gathered at the Metropolitan Church to chastise Chief Kroeker about taped comments he made a decade ago disparaging homosexuality and condoning disciplining children with canoe paddles. One older "friend of Dorothy" asked a litany of rhetorical religious questions, including "Does your Jesus carry a 9-millimeter?" The crowd applauded, and Kroeker looked like he'd swallowed a three-year-old quart of milk. In spite of contentious differences, however, the crowd agreed with Chief Kroeker on one point: their love for canines. Later in the evening, a self-identified "animal activist" asked Kroeker if he had considered supplying bulletproof vests for the patrol dogs. The Chief responded "yes." The crowd applauded, reminding Kroeker that perhaps there is a god after all.

Today, the United States got a new President. After a month full of political manipulation by both sides, Al Gore conceded the election saying "I do have one regret: that I didn't get the chance to stay and fight for the American people over the next four years, especially for those who feel their voices have not been heard. I heard you and I will not forget." President-elect George W. Bush also spoke this evening, but no one was listening, because well, c'mon. He's a fucking idiot. Besides! Who could concentrate on the stupid presidency when it's snowing outside? However, while Portland may have been a winter wonderland for some, for others it was a freezing, snow-blanketed version of hell! Here's an example: At 10:40 pm a group of people were walking across the icy Interstate bridge. Suddenly, a car began sliding out of control, heading straight toward one of the pedestrians who felt an icicle of fear pierce his heart. "I I have nowhere to go!" we think the man might have thought to himself. "If I stay, I shall surely be crushed! If I jump, I shall surely perish in the icy waters below! What will I do??" Then, the man made his choice, and leapt off the bridge! "Ohhh cruel irony!" we think he might've said, falling to the water below. "To die in the frigid clutches of the Willamette. This really sucks." Luckily, this story ends happily. The man was rescued by a portly angel in search of his wings, and given a vision of what life might've been like had he never been born. Then he was delivered to his home where there was a big party and a little bell ringing on the Christmas tree which was supposed to signify that his angel rescuer had indeed received his wings, and everyone lived happily ever after. (Except for the fact that we now have a fucking idiot for a President.)

Wow! There's an epidemic of teenage drag racers in town! And not only that, it was reported today that a Portland police vehicle was used in some of these young hot rodders' foul deeds. Police discovered a video on a Northwest street racing website that featured an unmarked police car burning rubber and spinning in circles with a rock 'n' roll musical accompaniment. As it turned out, this car was identified as the take-home car of Lt. Greg Hendricks of the department's inspections and control unit, and the driver? Well, that would be Hendricks' own teenage son. Though no actions have been taken against the embarrassed pop, punishment could entail a reprimand or even a suspension. Regardless, One Day would like to declare a cease and desist on all teen dragsters! Not only is it dangerous, but even worse, it inspires those controlling gentrification-happy yuppies in our Northeast neighborhoods to install speed bumps, and that slows everyone down. So, please, kids take your racing to the icy Interstate bridge where it belongs.


Today, the Associated Press reported the much-anticipated results of the annual study of drug use among America's youth. As many of you are young, American, and use drugs, we thought you might be interested in the numbers. Here they are: 8 percent of high school seniors said they had used ecstasy in the past year, 1.5 percent of seniors said they had used heroin this year, and 36.5 percent of seniors had used marijuana in the past year. While use of ecstasy and heroin increased, use of marijuana remained at its 1999 levels. Of the 36.5 percent who had used marijuana, 72 percent said they had used "Mexican ditch weed," 17 percent said they had used "kind bud," and only 11 percent said they had scored some "good shit ." Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey, troubled by the lack of good shit available to today's teens, promised an immediate committee meeting to address the shortage.

We have the facts, and we're voting "No" on the new Regal Fox Tower Cinemas. Why? It's not because the much anticipated 10-plex "art house" forces us to watch the dreaded-evil-midget-Pepsi-girl-Western short before every feature. It's not because the last time we attended a film at Fox Tower they were OUT OF COFFEE. It's not even because today, while we were watching Dancer In The Dark at the Fox Tower, an alarm started going off at the exact emotional climax of the movie and then continued to go off for the entire duration of said movie. No, the reason the Fox Towers blows is because it could have been so cool. We wanted it to be so cool, and Regal just slapped up another other fucking suburban mall theater, and we hate that. (And the Pepsi girl. We really hate the Pepsi girl.)

According to The Oregonian today, a woman's suicidal plunge from a plane on Thursday was not reported until 40 minutes after the plane had landed because of "shock among the witnesses" and "deafening noise in the cabin." It seems that when the co-pilot rushed back to close the open emergency exit from which the woman had plunged, the other passengers were not able to communicate what had happened over the noise of the open door. Yet another reason to always travel with a sign language translator. Or a mime.