Hey dear readers and pals! It’s official: You love the Mercury, and want to keep us going! In our recent reader survey, you let us know very clearly that our work is important, necessary, and you want more of it. (Nice!) You also let us know that you want to keep contributing (or start)—but it’s important to know where your money is going.


So we’re here today to let you know that, in no uncertain terms, EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THE MERCURY GOES DIRECTLY TO PAYING OUR REPORTERS AND EDITORIAL STAFF—and by extension, funding all the stories you enjoy! Meanwhile, every dollar from advertising sales (which we also need!) pays for the other stuff—such as administrative staff, tech support... all the things our editorial department also depends on every day! But as for who ponies up for our staff's hard-hitting investigative journalism and interesting food, events, and arts pieces? THAT'S ALL YOU, BABY!

And not only has your money funded smart, progressive-fueled reporting throughout the pandemic, this year your contributions allowed us to hire a brand new reporter (Hi, Isabella!) who has already produced great journalism that our community needs. And for that, WE THANK YOU SO MUCH.

But! (And there’s always a “but,” isn’t there?) While your contributions have partially sustained our editorial department for the last year, we’re still not breaking even. In fact, we’re operating at a loss. And even with the addition of returning advertising dollars, that's not quite enough to pay for our support staff and administrative costs. That’s why we need you today and tomorrow to keep or start contributing. Protecting our community costs money, and in short, WE BELIEVE OUR WORK IS WORTH YOUR MONTHLY SUPPORT.

So if you agree that smart, quality (and occasionally fun!) stories are worth paying for, please sign up for a recurring monthly contribution to the Mercury here.

And rest assured, your money goes directly to the type of reporting that holds the powerful accountable, while helping those in our community who need it most. From all of the Mercury’s editorial department, thanks for the contributions that keep us alive, kicking, and working hard for you!


Yer always pal,
Wm. Steven Humphrey
Portland Mercury