Look, I understand if you stopped reading all the comments we're still getting on our feature article this week ("The Sanest Arguments Against Fluoridation... And Why They're Still Wrong"), because frankly one's interest begins to wane after the 209th comment accusing us of being "bought off" by big money dental fertilizer arsenic companies. (Ummm... if that's the case... WHERE'S MY MERCEDES???)

However! Now that it's reached 330 comments (WOO-HOO!), a new player has entered the game who goes by the name of Pridge Wessea and is really causing certain people coniptions. Take it away, Pridge!

You're absolutely right Homer - I hate how the discourse on public water is so negative and sarcastic when we are talking about POISON. People look at me like I'm crazy, but there's not a single study out there that shows that water is 100% safe. People die from drinking it all the time. It doesn't have a warning label, so how do you know when drinking it you've had too much?

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both drank water and now they're dead - what further proof does anyone need?

Oh, and there's much more here. ALSO! Paul Constant made note of this comment thread over at SLOG in Seattle where they've had fluoridated water for years. Their comments about our comments are also pretty priceless.

@14: "But it's not just about hippies (and it's definetly not "Birchers"), the people making the most noise about fluoride are the younger set, the kind of people who believe in homeopathy and that vaccines cause autism. They're well organized and media-savvy."

There's no fucking difference between bircher christians and new-age antivaxers, there's a reason why both take to Scientology and Ron Paul.
—Posted by undead ayn rand

Hmmf! They would say that—they've all been paid off by fluoridated chemical fertilizer poison Desani companies, too! (Consider this unfluoridated water... CHUMMED.)