"Why doesn't NEW SEASONS carry organic salt?!?! NO ON FLUORIDE!!!!"
"If the Mercury says swallow? Spit."
Fucking give it a rest already on the fluoride thing.
"Because Science is Whatever We Hope and Scream That it Is"

"Fluoride Should Only Be Applied Topically, Like the Way You Apply Your Hand to Your Forehead When I Start Talking"

"Because Jenny McCarthy Still Has Concerns"

"Because I Have Seen No Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Conclusively Prove I Don't Understand How Research Science Works"

"Because I'm a Stupid Moron with an Ugly Face and Big Butt and My Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt"
"FLUORIDATE! Because using a crane to kill a fly is totally logical."
god fuck off Mercury! It's not funny, just pathetic. Your precious fluoride bill ain't gonna pass! Get over it!
"Flouridate! Because fuck the poor people who can't afford to buy bottled water to feed their infants formula based on CDC recommendations! Mercury says they shouldn't be having kids anyhow!"
BEST: “Totally worth fighting over if you ignore every other issue facing the greater Portland metropolitan area."

Exactly. Because if Fluoride was free? And not $5 Million Dollars to set up and another $.5 Million or so annually going forward? Then I’d say who cares. Dump it in the water.

But if someone came to Portland and said, “Here’s $5 Million Dollars…how do you want to spend it?” There’s no way we’d spend that $5 Million on cavities. Not with Portland’s budget. Too many other issues for these Millions.

ALSO: We get it, Mercury. You want fluoride. It’s getting to be like family Thanksgiving with my Tea Party relatives who can’t shut the fuck up about Obama. Yep. We heard you. Right. You’re right. Uh huh. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay? Now let’s stare awkwardly at the Lions game.
"Why stop with improving dental health? Let's add folic acid, vitamin D, and statins to the water too."
"Flouridate! Because fuck you Clackamas, Gresham, etc for wanting a say. Get annexed or quit bitching!"
You know who I won't ask about fluoride's long term effects on native water species and soft watersheds? A dentist.
Fluoridation is an environmental injustice that hits poor children of color the hardest:…
Is 'Fluoridegate' The New Civil Rights Scandal?…
Everything you need to know about fluoride in 20 minutes:
$.5 million annually?! Bwahahahaha yeah that's not actually a lot of money for a city this size.
This was the best fluoride trollbait yet, Steve. I applaud your efforts.
It's obvious the Merc has hated the Dandy Warhols for a very long time. Why else would the be goading Zia McCabe like this? Fluoride will totally mess with the efficacy of my homeopathic medicine, yo.
"As an ex-vegan who has known the horror of scabies, I say don't put flourides in my luscious, pure water."
But it's proven the it kills real American babies by spreading commie hip cancer. It doesn't? Well then, WHERE'S THE MONEY COMING FROM!? The public and health organizations? Then those scumbags must be working for Big Fluoride.
Pathetic and unfunny even for you, which truly is an amazing low point. Where does the money come from someone asked? Oh I think we all know here :"slurp" "slurp" "advertising" "slurp"
@Paul Cone, seconded
You all are SHEEPLE! Alex Jones and Ron Paul say so!
"Your ad here"
#25 FTW, except hipsters are too self-involved to vote. Or care.
Ah shit, numbers are hard. I meant #15.
Keep Your Fluoride Off My Vagina!
"Slurping down fluoride is the primary cause of strokes! Need proof? Just look at The Showstopper!"
Fluoridate! because why should those poor fertilizer companies pay to get rid of their garbage When some well-intentioned suckers will pay THEM for the privilege of consuming it.
Because I want my Kool-Aid Fluoride free!
this is retarded and ignores the reality
" vote yes for the poor kids!" All kids in portland public schools get free fluoride tablets if they want them.. vote no to save the poor of our city having to pay higher water rates for 1.4 million tons of fluoride - of which over 95 % will not ever be swallowed but used for lawns, baths, laundry etc. Tablets and rinses are the proper dose ( not to much or to little), can be opted out of by parents who are concerned, and make sure the money we spend actually reaches the target demographic. Its shameful that everyone overlooks that all public school children already are given FREE fluoride in porltand and that this has been the case for years. Why add more to the water and take away the tablets? What if some kids don't drink water, but have soda or juice most of the time instead? By adding it to the water and taking away the free tablets you are doing more of a disservice to the kids of portland and to the lower income families who already struggle to pay the high water bills. Please do your research before voting.
You snarky douchebags don't seem to understand the principle of "informed consent" or the "precautionary principle." You just lump everyone who's concerned about the intentional addition of a lead and arsenic contaminated industrial waste product into our environment as a selfish privileged whitey or an Alex Jones worshipping nutbag.
Fortunately your many lame attempts to marginalize the opposition to this end run around the democratic process appears to be failing: measure is trailing by several points according to the latest polling.
In sum, dear Mercury, go fuck yourselves with a fluoride suppository.
Ad Hominem, nice one...

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