Portland’s Most Intriguing Cat Ladies

Portland’s One of the Cat Lady Capitals of the World. Here’s What Four of Them Had to Say About Their Fuzzy Pals and Fighting the Stigma.


"Why do you think the stigma against cat-owning people (especially women) is so pervasive?" - LIKE DOING THIS ARTICLE??? ::emoji eye-roll::

also, i take umbrage on why these specific woman were chosen (no tea to the fine-ladies featured) because you didn't establish why they are The Most Intriguing Cat Ladies...what was the criteria for being "intriguing"? criteria for being "most intriguing" criteria for being a Cat Lady? sample size? etc.

and we were only shown 4 of the 7 cats referred to, sooooooooooo, like, not really understanding your target audience?
I'm confused. I thought "cat ladies" were required to have more than ten cats and be at least 90 years old and haven't left the house in twenty years. These women do not fit the criteria. Oooh now I get it. This is just a cheap plug for four women that own cat businesses. At least its not another Merc ad for Trump.