Alison Hallett

Bridge City Pizza is tucked into a discreet corner of Woodstock, next to a Plaid Pantry and mere blocks from a pretty good pot store. Discreet, that is, for an INTER-DIMENSIONAL PORTAL. When you step through the door into the tiny storefront, you’re not in Portland anymore—this charming sandwich and pizza shop is straight outta Chicago. Diehards swear by the Italian beef sandwich, while the tavern-style pizza—thin crusted and sliced into squares—is slathered right to the edges with a sweet red sauce that, along with the spicy giardiniera and other toppings, are made in-house. (There’s even a gluten-free pizza crust offering—we really are in Portland, after all.) For Pizza Week, Bridge City is breaking from Chicago tradition to slice their pies into triangles. Their fantastic Pizza Week slice—dubbed the Antonio Abate, after the “patron saint of pizza makers”—is topped with bacon, BBQ chicken in an Alabama white sauce, and sweet pickled veggies. It’s a hearty, filling, and deeply satisfying introduction to a pizza style that’s hard to come by in Portland—just remember that next time, it’ll be sliced into squares.

Bridge City Pizza, 5412 SE Woodstock, Bridge City's Pizza Week slices available April 18-24, Sun-Sat 12 pm-6 pm. For more about Pizza Week, see