Let the bells ring and the confetti fall: PIZZA WEEK IS BACK, BAY-BEE! And the best pizza pie makers in Portland are ready to strut their pizza stuff! 

Starting NOW, from MONDAY April 17 until SUNDAY April 23, the Portland Mercury's Pizza Week is making its long-awaited return, giving pizza-loving Mercury readers the chance to get special slices from some of Portland's finest purveyors of pizza pies... for a mere three dollars each! That's right: Each slice is just THREE MEASLY DOLLARS or, at participating venues, a WHOLE PIE for $20. (You heard correctly: Once again this year certain Pizza Week participants may also be offering $20 whole pies along with slices—or whole pies alone!)

Along with our pizza-loving partners at Jim Beam, Tetra Cannabis, and EverOut Portland (the greatest event calendar in the city), we're also tooting the horn of Feed the Mass—a simply terrific nonprofit that works to eliminate food waste while helping feed our city's most vulnerable neighbors. (They offer education programs too, so check 'em out here!) Thanks to these stellar partners, the Mercury is proud to present what might be our greatest Pizza Week lineup ever—one that features wildly creative slices from a whopping 36 (!!) Portland locations, available across the city and lovingly crafted by your favorite pizza masterminds. Where are they? Check out the official Pizza Week map here!

WANT A PEEK AT THE PIZZA WEEK 2023 SLICES AND PIES? You can find them all right here! (Dear god, they look delicious. You should totally share a pic of your slice and tag it #portlandpizzaweek!)

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Remember, our participating pizza places will be trying their best to deliver great slices and pies while KEEPING YOU AND THEIR EMPLOYEES SAFE & SANE. Please be patient, tip well, and follow their wise advice!

Before digging in, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Everyone loves Pizza Week! As one of the city’s most beloved food events, the Portland Mercury’s Pizza Week is very popular—which means that some locations will be busy, and other locations might sell out of their sought-after slices. Life's too short to be frustrated! Simply visit another Pizza Week location, or come back the next day. You’ll still be able to get that delicious pizza inside your mouth!

Check the hours and fine print of each Pizza Week location before visiting! To avoid any disappointment or misunderstanding, be sure to check all the details (right here) of your Pizza Week restaurant visit BEFORE dropping in. Some places might not have the pizza available during all business hours and others may have limits on how many slices and/or whole pizzas you can order. So read carefully! You'll be glad—not sad or mad!

Tip, and tip well! An event as big as Pizza Week takes a ton of work—so show your appreciation to the chefs and waitstaff who make this event such a wondrous treat for your tummy.

Don’t forget sides and drinks! These pizza joints are giving you a smokin' deal with these inexpensive slices and pies. And these same businesses need your support in these tough economic times. Help them out by snapping up the scrumptious sides and drinks available at all Pizza Week locations!

This could be the best pizza week ever, so don't miss out! Take a peek at all the slices and pies here, and don't miss the Mercury's PIZZA WEEK 2023—happening right NOW, Monday, April 17 and running through Sunday, April 23!